Future Reflections                                                                                       Convention, 2002

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A poem by Ryan Weatherbee

Reprinted from the July 2000 issue of Slate & Style, a publication of the NFB Writers Division.


Just relax, it could be fun
Don’t do your homework on the run
Sit down with your books and you’ve begun
And soon your homework will be done
Do your Math and English too
Soon no one will be smarter than you
Your adding, subtraction, and division you’ll do
Nouns, verbs, and stories, too
Now with homework, you are through
A new day has started and as you know
Another day will not be slow
With Science, Music, French and gym
A chance of no homework will be slim
So home you go again to study
You might do your homework with a buddy
You have studied for a very long time
Trying hard to complete this rhyme
You must start your homework really fast
For fear your alertness will not last
You cannot rush the homework along
For fear of getting answers wrong
Study hard and do your work
Because good marks can be a perk
For college scholarships they will work
So do your homework and don’t be a jerk.

Editor’s Note: Ryan, who is blind, was a sixth grade student at Memorial City School in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, when he entered this poem in the 1999 NFB Writers Division poetry contest for students. The poem earned second place in the competition. For more information about the NFB Writers Division and the annual contest, send your request and a stamped self-addressed envelope to: NFB Writers, c/o Lori Stayer, 2704 Beach Drive, Merrick, New York; or send an e-mail request with the notation “Poetry Contest” in the subject line to Mrs. Stayer at <[email protected]>.

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