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Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting

If you administer mealtime insulin, being off by 10 or 15 carbs can make a difference. But carb calculations can be complicated. Does “sugar free” mean “no carbs”? How does fiber content affect carb count? What is the glycemic index, anyway? And how does that exchange list work?

Gary Scheiner, type 1 diabetic and certified diabetes educator, answers these questions and many others in his new book, The Ultimate Guide to Accurate Carb Counting. Scheiner writes with a witty and engaging style that makes reading a pleasure as he takes an in-depth look at all aspects and theories behind carb counting. He explains how to understand food labels, make estimates for unlabelled foods, and cope with eating out. Four “Tool Kits” entitled: Exchange Lists, Carbohydrate Factors, Glycemic Index Values and Carb Listings (for 2,500 foods) round out the excellent information in this very useful book. Scheiner makes a sometimes-complicated subject as simple as pie (apple, small slice = 46 carbs).