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by Michael J. Pirages

Diabetes patients without drug insurance coverage are among the thousands of consumers nationwide who have discovered mail order pharmacies as a way to save money on prescription drugs costs. Shopping at mail order pharmacies, consumers can save as much as 85 percent, especially at Canadian pharmacies that are required to control drug prices. However, a mail order pharmacist suggests that buyers exercise caution.

“Diabetes patients should use care when shopping mail order and online outlets to help ensure that they get the specific, high quality drugs they require,” said Daren Jorgenson, a pharmacist at, a leading mail order pharmacy serving customers in all 50 states. “If they select a reputable mail order pharmacy and shop smart, they can get the same drugs as they'd buy locally, but at tremendous savings.”

An example of the savings, popular diabetes medication Glucophage (100 capsules/850mg) sells for $22 at vs. while at U.S. mail order pharmacy it sells for $99.

Jorgenson provides these five tips for consumers buying drugs by mail order or online:

1. Ensure your physician writes a prescription for FDA-approved drugs and shop only at outlets requiring a prescription.

2. Order from outlets that provide street addresses, not just a post office box.

3. Avoid mail order pharmacies in countries with a history of producing counterfeit drugs. Mail order firms in the U.S. and Canada have a pretty clean track record, but those elsewhere can be riskier.

4. Use a major credit card to pay for purchases. If problems arise and can't be settled with the pharmacy, take it up with the credit card company.

5. Be certain the company has a toll-free phone number so you can contact a pharmacist and customer service staff at no cost to you.

According to Jorgenson, diabetes patients, seniors, the poor, people with large insurance co-payments and those without insurance are the primary customers shopping at mail order firms, including, a a fully-licensed Canadian-based pharmacy known for discounts of 30 to 85 percent off U.S. costs.

“With many local consumers spending $400 or more out-of-pocket on prescription drugs each month, if we can save them $100 or $200 monthly that they can put towards retirement, the mortgage or a vacation, we're as delighted to help them as they are to pocket the difference,” said Jorgenson.

To reach, call toll free 1-877-542-3330 or visit

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