Future Reflections          Special Issue: Sports, Fitness, and Blindness

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Editor�s Note: The following resource list is a small compilation of items that the editor believes could prove useful to readers. In no way are these items endorsed by the NOPBC, nor is this list meant to be a comprehensive resource.

Going Places: Transition Guidelines for Community-Based Physical Activities for Students Who Have Visual Impairments, Blindness, or Deafblindness by Dr. Lauren Lieberman, Dr. Scott Modell, Dr. Paul Ponchillia, and Ileah Jackson. Copyright 2006, American Printing House for the Blind, Inc. Louisville, KY. Catalog Number: 7-13090-00
�Going Places is a resource guide for teens and young adults that promotes independent physical activity. It outlines a step-by-step process for choosing and participating in sports and other physical activities outside of the school arena. Includes: worksheets for choosing an activity, descriptions of activities, any modifications or accommodations that may be necessary, suggestions for developing needed skills, information on safety and self-advocacy, and athlete profiles encouraging a healthy lifestyle.� --APH.org

Sports and the Physically Challenged: An Encyclopedia of People, Events, and Organizations by Linda Mastandrea and Donna Czubernat. Copyright 2006 by Linda Mastandrea and Donna Czubernat. ISBN: 0-313-32453-0
This is an extensive alphabetical listing of sports, activities, athletes, organizations, equipment, and other information on sports for the disabled. It also contains a history of the disability sports movement, as well as contact information for a variety of organizations. Editorial Note: While it does provide useful information on blindness organizations, athletes, and sporting events, it is not easy to quickly sort through the many listings for other disabilities. It will prove useful for those whose children are multiply disabled.

Touch the Top of the World by Erik Weihenmayer. Copyright 2002 Erik Weihenmayer. ISBN: 0-452-28294-2
This is the autobiography of Erik Weihenmayer, the most famous blind adventurer in the world today. The book follows Erik�s life and eventually the climbs of the seven highest peaks on each continent, highlighted by his climb to the summit of the world�s tallest peak, Mt. Everest, sponsored by the National Federation of the Blind.

Blindsight is a documentary following six blind Tibetan teenagers who set out to climb the 23,000 foot Lhakpa Ri peak in the Himalayan mountain chain, led by Erik Weihenmayer. Won best documentary at the AFI Film Festival in 2006 and the Palm Springs Film Festival in 2007. The Little Film Company; Studio City, CA; (818) 762-6999.

No Finish Line: My Life as I See It by Marla Runyan. Copyright 2001 by Marla Runyan. ISBN: 0-399-14803-5
No Finish Line is the autobiography of the first legally blind athlete to compete in the Olympic Games.

Blindness Recreation Organizations:
United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA)
The United States Association of Blind Athletes, a member organization of the U.S. Olympic Committee, is a nonprofit organization that provides training for blind and visually impaired athletes for competition in nine sports: athletics, cycling, goalball, judo, powerlifting, skiing, swimming, wrestling, and five-a-side football. <www.usaba.org>

International Blind Sports Association (IBSA)
Founded in Paris, France, in 1981, the IBSA is a nonprofit public interest body which serves as the representative of sport for the blind on the International Paralympic Committee. Web site contains helpful information regarding each of the following sports as well as upcoming events, news, rules, records, and top athletes for each: alpine skiing, athletics, archery, futsal (five-a-side football), goalball, judo, nine-pin bowling, nordic skiing, powerlifting, showdown, shooting, swimming, tandem cycling, ten-pin bowling, and torball. <www.ibsa.es>

Blind Sports Organization (BSO)
A membership organization that seeks to �promote, provide, and advocate sports, recreational, and social opportunities for the blind and visually impaired [of the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States].� <www.blindsports.org>

Sports and Recreation Division of the National Federation of the Blind
Led by President Lisamaria Martinez, this division of the NFB seeks to dispel the common misperceptions and attitudes about blindness and sports, as well as network with those that are blind that either participate in sports or wish to learn how they may do so. You can join the division�s listserver at <http://www.nfbnet.org/mailman/listinfo/sportsandrec>. Lisamaria can be reached by e-mail at <[email protected]>.

Sport Specific Blindness Organizations
American Blind Skiing Foundation <www.absf.org>

Blind Judo Foundation <www.blindjudofoundation.org>

Blind Sailing International <www.blindsailing.org>

National Beep Baseball Association <www.nbba.org/index.htm>

United States Blind Golf Association <www.blindgolf.com>

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