Future Reflections                                                                                                      Fall 2001

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2000 – 2001  Braille Readers Are
Leaders Contest Winners

School for the Blind
Outstanding Participation Award

Kansas State School
for the Blind

School for the Blind
Honorable Mention

Louisiana School for the
Visually Impaired

Excellence in Promoting
Braille Literacy

Patricia Schonlau, Braille Teacher
Missouri School for the Blind


First: Nathanial Holman, Ohio

2,952 pages, grade 5

Second: Mirranda Tucker, Georgia

2,467 pages, grade 10

Third: Kayla Bentas, Massachusetts

2,451 pages, grade 4

Honorable Mention

Alyxa Conlee, Washington.
1,024 pages, grade 9

John Story, Jr., New York.
931 pages, grade 5

Kindergarten – First Grade

First: Josiah David Hearn, Tennessee

2,637 pages, grade K

Second: Morgan Budreau, Minnesota

2,282  pages, grade K

Third: Alison Utter, Colorado

1,424  pages, grade 1

Honorable Mention

Alexander Follo, Florida
1,360 pages, grade K

Kyra Sweeney, California
1,327 pages, grade 1

Second – Fourth Grades

First: Tyler Kavanaugh, Kansas

8,490 pages, grade 2

Second: Jennifer Wing-Proctor, Michigan

5,406 pages, grade 3

Third: Lindsay Upschulte, Illinois

4,987  pages, grade 2

Honorable Mention

Michael Wassel, Maryland

4,508  pages, grade 4

Tim Peters, Ontario, Canada
4,452 pages, grade 4

Fifth – Eighth Grades

First: Casey Burns, Wisconsin

14,886 pages, grade 5

Second: Allison Passino, Oregon

8,511 pages, grade 8

Third: John Miller, Indiana

8,305 pages, grade 8

Honorable Mention

Desiree Oudinot, Pennsylvania
7,850 pages, grade 5

Danielle Shives, Maryland
7,281 pages, grade 8

Ninth – Twelfth Grades

First: Angela Leigh Hubbard, Virginia

15,227 pages, grade 12

Second: Carissa Rutherford, Tennessee

12,322 pages, grade 11

Third: Shelly Christner, Minnesota

11,658 pages, grade 11

Honorable Mention

Jaymee Lynn Strickler, Pennsylvania

6,059 pages, grade 11

Reina Brown, Maryland

5,617 pages, grade 10

Most Improved

Kadi Logan, South Carolina, age 15

Jordyn Castor, Michigan, age 7

Chance Cumbo, Florida, age 1

Samantha Weisenbach, Indiana, age 9

Tabatha Wilkerson, Kentucky, age 16

Josh Sisson, Missouri, age 15

Joshua Pearson, Massachusetts, age 8

Dominique Williams, South Carolina, age 9

Ethan Bloodworth, Georgia, age 8

Andrew Nantz, Oregon, age 10

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