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Hardware speech synthesizers convert text into electronic speech. The device must be connected to a PC running a screen access software application.

DECtalk USB: This is an external speech synthesizer that connects to the computer via standard USB or RS232 serial port. It requires and is supplied with specialized DECtalk software that must be loaded before the computer can communicate with this device. Compatible with computers running Linux, DOS, DOS boxes, and Windows 9x, Me, 2K, NT4, XP Home and Pro, Vista and 7. GW Micro. Price: $695.

DoubleTalk LT: An external speech synthesizer for Windows operating systems, this connects to a computer by using any standard RS-232 serial port. RC Systems, Inc. Price: $179.

TripleTalk USB Mini: This smaller external speech synthesizer connects to the computer's USB port and uses the same text-to-speech technology contained in the DoubleTalk line of synthesizers; it supports English or Spanish. The TripleTalk Mini converts standard ASCII text into audible speech output. Volume levels may be adjusted either by a side mounted slider or by software control. The TripleTalk Mini is powered via the USB port. The TripleTalk Mini has upgradable firmware and is compatible with Linus, Windows 98, ME, 2K, XP, Vista and 7 . Access Solutions, Inc. Price: $199.


Software speech synthesizers use a multi-channel sound card to convert text to speech. Be sure to verify which sound cards are most effective to run a particular software speech synthesizer. In general, any multi-channel sound card that is commercially available should be sufficient.

Acapela: Acapela is a software-based speech system that offers voices in several languages. The company offers resources for developers to incorporate SAPI (Speech API) voices into their Windows applications. Resources are also available to incorporate Acapela speech into Windows Mobile and Linux applications. SAPI Acapela voices can be purchased from These will work with Nextup's suite of talking programs, as well as make any SAPI-compliant programs like screen access packages talk. Acapela. Price: visit to learn about developer resources. Price: $35-$50 for each Acapela SAPI voice. AssistiveWare. Price: Infovox iVox Acapela Voices for Macintosh OS, Voices are licensed for two computers, so at least four credits are required for one voice. The voice credits are sold individually for $5, or at a quantity discount (starting with a 20 percent discount for twenty or more credits).

AT&T Natural Voices: AT&T Natural Voices is a suite of Windows-based and telephony voices of varying languages. Voices are SAPI-compliant and can be run under the Windows operating system or on servers that manage telephony applications. End users can buy voices from AT&T through and developers can get more information from AT&T. AT&T. Price: visit to learn about developer resources and licensing. Nextup. Price: Each Natural Voices voice is $35 from A discount bundle with the Mike and Crystal voices is available for $35.
Cepstral: Cepstral is a speech synthesis company that provides software-based speech solutions. The company offers licenses to incorporate SAPI voices into Windows-based applications. Voices are also available for Mac OS, Linux, Windows CE, and Windows Mobile. Cepstral. Price: Visit to learn about developer resources and licensing. NextUp. Price: Ranges from $6.99 to $29.99.

Ivona: Ivona offers SAPI-compliant voices for Windows, as well as voices for the Android operating system. These high quality voices can be increased up to four times their normal speed without any loss in quality. Voices are available in American and British English, and several additional languages. Individual Windows voices can be purchased from Ivona and developer resources are available to integrate Ivona into custom applications. An Ivona Accessibility package is available that includes voices, Ivona text reader, and a free copy of the NVDA screen reader (a donation is made to NVDA with every purchase). Price: Individual Windows voices, $35. Ivona Accessibility Bundle, $99. Ivona Accessibility bundle Family Pack (3 computer licenses): $179. Developers, contact Ivona for details.
Note: Ivona was recently acquired by Amazon.

Loquendo: Loquendo is a software-based speech engine that offers voices in a number of languages. The company was acquired by Nuance and now falls under their umbrella. Resources exist to make Linux, SAPI, and Windows Mobile applications speak with various Loquendo voices. Nuance. Price: Contact the company for pricing and licensing to incorporate voices into your application.
Nuance RealSpeak: Real Speak is a SAPI-compliant synthesizer for Windows PCs. Nuance Communications. Price: Contact Nuance to discuss licensing and pricing for incorporating Vocalizer or bundling RealSpeak with your application, Nextup. Price: SAPI Nuance voice from, $45, only with TextAloud.

Nuance Vocalizer: Nuance Vocalizer is a text-to-speech software solution for telephony applications, as well as embedded systems such as the iPhone OS, Mac OS 10.9, Linux, Windows CE, and Windows Mobile. Recently they have added Expressive voices which carry more inflection than previous versions. AT Guys sells a package including Vocalizer voices for NVDA. Nuance Communications. Price: Vocalizer Bundle for NVDA with Expressive Voices, $115. Classic Voices for NVDA $95. Contact Nuance to discuss licensing and pricing for incorporating Vocalizer or bundling RealSpeak with your application,

NeoSpeech: NeoSpeech is a suite of software-based voices. Three English voices are available along with some Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish text-to-speech voices. The company offers the ability to license these voices for use on Windows-based, SAPI applications, or to incorporate speech into Linux, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, iPhone, or other applications using developer tools provided by NeoSpeech. NeoSpeech. Price: visit to learn about developer tools, licensing, and pricing for your specific application.




The following devices create tactile images or provide a tactile interface to specific devices.

IntelliKeys: IntelliKeys is a tactile-audio tablet that connects to a computer. Overlays are placed on the surface of the IntelliKeys unit. When the appropriate software is run, the user can touch places on the overlay and receive audio feedback. A variety of software is available; please visit the IntelliTools site for a complete list. AbleNet. Price: IntelliKeys, $395; Intellikeys Access Bundle #1, $510; Intellikeys Access Bundle #1, $759.

Phoenix embosser: The Phoenix embosser is a 25 DPI (dots per inch) embosser primarily geared towards producing tactile graphics. It works with the Firebird Software Suite which provides tools for creating Braille and tactile graphics. Enabling Technologies. Price: $4,995.

P.I.A.F. (Pictures In A Flash): This device produces tactile images on specially treated paper known generically as “swell paper." Images are photocopied to the swell paper, which is then passed through the device, which applies heat. The result is a raised image that can be felt. Manufactured by Quantum Technology of Australia and distributed in the United States by HumanWare. Price: P.I.A.F., $1,395; P.I.A.F. Special Package (includes 200 sheets of Swell paper, two carbon markers), $1,495; Swell paper is sold in boxes of 100 sheets, available in three sizes: 8.5 x 11 inches, $120; 11 x 11.5 inches, $150; and 11 x 17 inches, $260.

Swell-Form Graphics II (Heating) Machine: By photocopying or drawing an image on Swell-Form paper , then running the specialized paper through the heating machine, the black lines and areas on the paper will swell up, creating tactile images. American Thermoform Corporation. Price: $1,350. Swell-Form paper is sold in boxes of 100 sheets, available in three sizes: 8.5 x 11 inches, $110; 11 x 11.5 inches, $140; 11 x 17 inches, $220.  

Talking Tactile Pen: This pen uses off-the-shelf hardware with custom software to add an audio component to Touch Graphics’ tactile graphics. A number of different graphics are available for purchase separately, including a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) pages, also called apps. While the images communicate tactile, visual, and Braille information, the pen adds longer descriptions and layered information. This information is read out when the user touches the relevant section of the image with the tip of the pen. Subsequent layers of information can be accessed by tapping the section again. Volume control, help and other functions can be used by tapping those items on the page. Touch Graphics. Price: Talking Tactile Pen (2-8 GB), $175-$220; apps range in cost from $35 to $50.

Talking Tactile Tablet 2 (TTT): This is a tactile-audio tablet. Overlays are placed on the tablet and a procedure is followed to identify the overlay to the computer. When a user touches a place on the overlay, the computer responds with audio feedback. Touch Graphics. Price: Talking Tactile Tablet II Bundle (includes USB cable, product manual, and starter software bundle: World Map, TTT Match Game, TTT Snakes & Ladders, and the TTT Authoring Tool Demo with three sample overlay sheets), $799; TTT Authoring Tool LE, $159; TTT Authoring Tool Template Packs, $56.

Talking Tactile Atlas of the World: Designed to work with the Talking Tactile Tablet, this atlas consists of forty overlays and software. Based on material from the National Geographic Society. Touch Graphics. Price: $295.

Tiger Braille Embosser Series: These are Braille tactile graphics embossers that emboss text and graphics either single-sided or interpoint directly from Windows applications using their own driver software. They print Braille at a resolution of 20 DPI. ViewPlus Technologies, Inc. Price: Tiger Elite 200 (200 CPS, 12½ -inch maximum paper width), $19,995; Premier 100 (100 CPS, 12½ -inch maximum paper width), $9,995; Tiger Cub (50 CPS, 9½ -inch maximum paper width), $4,295; Tiger Max (60 CPS, 14-inch maximum paper width), $4,995. Braille and Ink: Emprint SpotDot (50 CPS Braille only, 40 CPS Braille and print, A4, Letter and Legal paper sizes), $6,995. EmFuse High-Speed Embosser with Color Printing, $49,995.EmBraille Desktop Embosser (25 CPS, 10 inch max paper width), $1,995.00.

ViewPlus IVEO Touchpad 2.0: The ViewPlus Touchpad and associated IVEO software form a tactile-audio tablet system that works in conjunction with the Tiger family of Braille embossers. ViewPlus Technologies, Inc. Price: IVEO Lite (includes touchpad, IVEO Viewer software, and printed curriculum samples), $595; IVEO Creator (includes touchpad, IVEO Creator software, and printed curriculum samples), $995; IVEO Creator (software only), $545; IVEO Complete Pro (Includes the IVEO Touchpad, IVEO Creator Pro software, and printed curriculum samples), $1,295; IVEO Creator Pro (software only), $895.



The following applications modify or create a tactile image from an electronically produced image. These tactile images can then be produced on embossers that are capable of producing tactile graphics.

Tiger Software Suite (TSS): This software is designed to work with ViewPlus’s Tiger embossers. A free license is provided with any embosser. TSS contains a Word/Excel plugin which controls the output settings for the embosser; it also translates print to Braille. Braille math translation is now available. In Excel, print tables and graphs are easily converted into Braille and tactile graphics. Tiger Designer lets users create simple graphics from scratch. ViewPlus Technologies Inc. Price: $295.



The equipment listed below is intended for those who operate vending stands or retail businesses.

Bill Identifier: This is a high-speed device for identifying bills. Captek. Price: $880.

Voice Adapted Talaris Mach 3 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Packager: This device sorts and counts coins. Captek. Price: $5,795.

CVACR520: The CVACR520 is a sophisticated, high capacity cash register. It has a liquid crystal operator display, otherwise the same features as the 450T, plus it can be used with a DataCap credit card terminal. The DataCap is a swipe- only terminal which feeds information directly into the Cash Register display, where it can be spoken by the Cash Register Voice System. The voice journals use one of the two peripheral ports, as with the 450, so only one peripheral can be connected without programming issues. Dealer set-up and nominal training are included in the price. Captek. Price: $3,880

CVACP 1000 Currency Counter/Sorter/Identifier: This device counts and sorts currency. Captek. Price: $6,350.

Sharpe 450T: This is a Sharpe cash register that is modified to speak. Options include a barcode reader, coin changer, and produce scale. Comes with training and setup. Captek. Price: Sharpe 450T talking cash register, $3,220; Stand-Up Hand Barcode Scanner, $1,030; Talking ACDC Retail Pricing Scale, $834.

Sharpe A242: This Sharpe cash register is a basic register that has been modified to speak. This register is best suited for training purposes or for limited operations. Captek. Price: $1,595.

Talking Credit Card Terminal: This terminal will let vendors swipe debit or credit cards, or enter numbers in the keypad. Information on the display is spoken through the Captek voice system. Captek. Price: $1,995.




AccessWorld: A magazine published bi-monthly by the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB). Includes articles evaluating specific nonvisual access products and other articles describing significant events in the blindness/technology field. Price: Available online at no charge.


Access Technology Institute: The Access Technology Institute provides online training for applications in the Microsoft Office Suite, as well as the Windows operating system. The site also offers training curriculums and materials for purchase.

Apple: Apple’s Accessibility page is a good starting point for general Apple accessibility information. And dedicated support is available at 1-877-204-3930. AppleVis provides app reviews, podcasts, articles, and tutorials for iOS and the Mac.

The American Printing House for the Blind: APH has a variety of general educational materials available at
ChromeVox: Google’s ChromeVox website provides an interactive tutorial, guides and information on installation and keyboard shortcuts for using ChromeVox in the Chrome browser or on the ChromeBook.

Dolphin Training Resources: Dolphin, the maker of SuperNova and Guide, offers tutorials, podcasts, and training videos for these packages on its website, and can direct users to trainers accredited for teaching them as well. Visit for more information.

Digital Apex: Digital Apex sells the DeWitt TrainingWare curriculum. This curriculum is intended for teachers and trainers of assistive technology to use with their blind students. Examples of titles include Teaching MS-Windows concepts using JAWS, Teaching MS-Windows 2007 and 2010 using Window-Eyes, ZoomText, and JAWS, Teaching MS-PowerPoint 2010 using JAWS, Teaching Microsoft Outlook 2010 using JAWS, and Teaching the Internet using ZoomText and JAWS. Contact the company for complete listings of training materials offered and costs.

Eyes-Free Android Access: On the Eyes-Free Android site, users can learn about Android phones. Information is provided on which phones are accessible along with links to other resources. The information on this page is somewhat outdated, as it does not appear to include information about Jelly Bean or later devices at time of this publication.

Freedom Scientific: Along with its many other products, this company markets a number of audio tutorials; scripting and other workshops are also offered. Information is available at

Frontier Computing: Frontier hosts online training for groups or individuals on several access technologies.  Please contact Frontier for pricing, and further details on training offered.

Google Accessibility Information: The main portal for accessibility information about Google’s different products is The portal covers how to use accessibility features, as well as offering developer resources and general information.

GW Micro, Inc.: GW Micro is the supplier of Window-Eyes screen access software for the Windows operating system. They also provide Window-Eyes training to individuals. Contact the company for training materials offered and costs.
Note: GW Micro is merging with Ai Squared. Although is still the current site, information will eventually be moved over to is a site run by enthusiasts and users of the Macintosh computer and other Apple devices such as the iPhone. The site includes access to the Mac Visionaries listserv for assistance with using the Mac and its internal screen access package, guides, and tutorials, as well as a list of accessible iPhone applications. The related VIPhone list (!forum/viphone) is also available to assist current and prospective iPhone users.

Microsoft Accessibility Information: Microsoft has a number of accessibility resources across their website which will be of special interest to blind users. The following links will take users to those which are more frequently requested. Windows 8 Narrator information: Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows and other Microsoft Products: The dedicated accessibility support line is 1-800-936-5900.

National Braille Press (NBP): NBP produces a wide variety of computer-related material including Braille reference cards for popular software applications, training materials for Windows and Windows applications, and other technical materials. Often the cost of the material in Braille is equivalent to its print counterpart.

Perkins Products: Remote training, face-to-face training, and technology evaluations are all available. Trainings cover a range of topics, including speech and Braille technology, Braille production, and general applications. Find out more at

Sendero: Sendero provides tutorials on their ubiquitous GPS solutions at

Serotek: Serotek’s TrainingWare gives users an introduction to System Access, teaching users how to send and receive email, surf the internet, shop online, use Microsoft Office applications, and perform many other computer-related tasks for personal and business needs.

Top Dot Enterprises: Top Dot Enterprises offers small group and individual training in person, online, or by phone. Also available is the free weekly email newsletter Top Tech Tidbits. Top Tech Tidbits contains a wide assortment of links to useful information and reviews. Price: Available online at no charge.

Triumph Technologies: Triumph Technologies offers periodic intensive workshops on VoiceOver under the name of Mac Academy. For more information on dates and locations, contact Triumph Technologies at



While blogs and podcasts don’t provide the same structured instruction as the tutorials listed above, they often contain useful information in the shape of product reviews, sometimes with actual product audio, which might be helpful for someone who wants to know what something sounds like or how it works.

Applevis: A community-driven site which contains many reviews of apps that are accessible with VoiceOver and some that aren’t, a blog where Apple and iOS related news is posted, and a podcast with several hundred posts including app demos, demonstrations of new versions of iOS and Mac operating systems, and more.

Fred’s Head: Tips on a variety of accessibility issues, sometimes highlighting APH products.
FSCast: FSCast is a podcast produced on a monthly basis by Freedom Scientific in order to provide tips and information on the current and upcoming products.

The SeroTalk Podcast: SeroTalk staff and contributors review products and deliver tech news. Also weekly Tech Chats are archived here, ranging from iPhone apps to video magnifiers, etc.

The Tech Doctor Podcast: The Tech Doctor Podcast offers interviews with both creators and blind users of mainstream and access technology. It covers a wide variety of technology topics including iOS apps, Android accessibility, accessible eBooks, and the Mac.




All of the hardware devices and software programs listed below are capable of playing DAISY-formatted materials. If you purchase one of these devices from another source and you would like to access Learning Ally (formerly Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic), contact Learning Ally's Member Services department for information on how to get your device programmed to play their audio books. Some players require shipment to Learning Ally for programming; others can be upgraded by the user.


Blaze EZ: This digital book player can play a wide variety of audio, text, and DAISY content, as well as accessing a variety of services via its wireless capabilities. The player can also make recordings via an internal or external microphone. Additionally, the Blaze EZ has a built-in camera which is used to scan and convert printed documents to text. HIMS Inc. Price: $695; Premium Options Pack (provides a scanning stand, an extra battery, a charging cradle, and a spare AC adapter), $149.

Book Port Plus: This pocket-sized book player and digital recorder packs many features into its small case. The Book Port Plus supports Secure Digital memory cards with capacities up to 32 GB. Built-in text-to-speech software will read DAISY-formatted books and text files in a variety of formats including TXT, RTF, and HTML. Human-recorded books from the National Library Service, Learning Ally, and are also supported. Users can connect an NLS cartridge, flash drive, or a USB-powered CD-ROM drive to Book Port Plus for additional listening options. Book Port Plus also includes features designed to make it a powerful digital recorder, including stereo microphone input, a built-in microphone, the ability to edit recordings, and the ability to turn your recordings into digital talking books. American Printing House for the Blind. Price: $329.00.

Book Port DT: The Book Port DT is the desktop version of the Book Port Plus player, and shares most of its feature set. The DT adds a larger speaker, additional recording features, wired internet connectivity, and some additional controls (for tone, speed, next & previous title, information, and sleep timer). A mask is available to cover some of the more advanced controls. American Printing House for the Blind. Price: $449.00.

BookSense: This compact digital book player that fits easily in the palm of your hand comes in three configurations. All include the ability to read books, documents, and play back audio files. Supported book and document formats include DAISY (text and audio), TXT, RTF, HTML, DOC, DOCX, XML, and formatted Braille in either BRL or BRF files. The media player supports playback of MP3, MP4, OGG, WAV, WAX, M4A, WMA, and Audible file formats. Files are stored on a SD high capacity memory card. The BookSense can also function as a digital recorder with output in either WAV or MP3. The BookSense XT includes all the previously mentioned features and adds Bluetooth output (supporting stereo Bluetooth headphones), 4 GB of internal memory, and an FM radio receiver. The DS model adds a screen, and 4 GB internal storage to the standard BookSense feature list. HIMS. Price: BookSense, $299; BookSense XT, $449.

PTR2: The Plextalk PTR2 is a stand-alone hardware unit for reading and recording DAISY audio books. It can read and write to CD or a Compact Flash storage card. The PTR2 offers simple DAISY recording mode or advanced authoring mode, which reveals more control over recording and DAISY structure editing. When attached to a computer, the PTR2 can be used as a CD RW drive, and included DAISY authoring software can be used with the product. Plextalk. The PTR2 is sold in the U.S. by Perkins Products. Price: $895.

Plextalk Pocket: This player/recorder supports the playback and on-the-fly creation of DAISY formatted books. Additionally, music and text-formatted books can be stored on and played back by the device. The player includes a stereo headphone jack, external microphone connector, and high-speed USB port for transferring files. A user-replaceable rechargeable battery is included. Manufactured by Plextalk, distributed by Perkins Products. Price: $349.

Victor Reader Stratus: This device is designed as a user-friendly and portable player for DAISY books or MP3 text or music on commercial CDs, SD cards or USB flash drives. Features include: earphones, built-in handle, internal speaker, and rechargeable batteries (good for up to five hours) Depending on the version, the device uses a twelve- or four-key number pad. There is also a keypad mask available to cover all but the most important keys. HumanWare. Price: 12M (12-key model) and 4M (4-key model), $455. Keypad mask, $15.

Victor Reader Stream: The Victor Reader Stream plays DAISY (including National Library Service, Learning Ally, BookShare, and NFB Newsline). It also supports MP4-AAC, AMR-WB+, FLAC, MP3, OGG VORBIS, SPEEX, and WAV. With text-to-speech (Acapela voices) it also reads BRF, TXT, HTML, XML, DOCX, and EPUB. The unit has an internal speaker and an integrated microphone which allows the user to record voice notes. There is audible feedback for battery level, volume level, speech rate, and book position. The rate of speed the book is read can be adjusted to the preference of the user and the unit has a telephone-style keypad for navigation and control. Files are stored on a SD card. Wireless connectivity supported. It operates on rechargeable batteries that can be charged in the unit and comes with a carrying case. HumanWare. Price: $319.



Book Wizard Reader: Book Wizard Reader is a software package for the Windows operating system that reads books produced in the DAISY or NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard) format. Unstructured (standard) audio files can also be played with Book Wizard Reader. The product can be used with screen access software or it can be used as a self-voicing application. Books with recorded audio, DAISY text, or both can be played. American Printing House for the Blind. Price: CD, $49; Download, $39.

EasyReader: This self-voicing DAISY player supports DAISY/NISO 2.0 and 2.2 specifications. The player has four views that determine navigational options. In addition to creating bookmarks, the user can add text and audio notes, as well as assign keyboard shortcuts to quickly jump to bookmarks. Other features include a library of all DAISY books on the computer, find and search options, and screen access software compatibility. Through Synthesizer Access Manager (from Dolphin Computing) users can select different synthesizer voices. Dolphin Computer Access LLC. Price: $55 (5 license minimum); unlock code only $47.

eClipseWare: See entry in Print Reading Hardware.

FSReader for Desktop: Provides a simple interface for listening to audio narrations of DAISY talking books. DAISY books from Learning Ally require an authorization from Learning Ally. A user needs screen access software or magnification application to follow the narrated text. Features include modifying speech rate, creating bookmarks, and searching text. Freedom Scientific. Included with JAWS for Windows and MAGic screen magnification software (and their demos); available to PAC Mate users at no cost.

ReadHear: This self-voicing DAISY book player supports all DAISY/NISO standard books, including DAISY 2.0, 2.2, and 3.0; Learning Ally AudioPlus; and NIMAS 1.1 (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standards) books, as well as MathML and Save As DAISY. Additional support is provided for screen access software such as JAWS and Window-Eyes, permitting the user to switch between other PC applications. For enhanced usability and functionality, all text—including menus, dialogue boxes, and text within the book—are displayed to a refreshable Braille display. Other features include copying text to Microsoft Word, and variable speed control. There are two versions of the application: standard and premium edition. The premium version includes full MathML, the ability to import Save As DAISY XML and text files. The user can save as a DAISY book. The product also has bundled Nuance voices. The standard edition ships with only one voice. gh, LLC. Price: ReadHear PC, Professional, $149.99; Premium, $249.99; ReadHear Mac, $119.99.

Learning Ally Audio: Learning Ally Audio is an app created by Learning Ally to read its DAISY content on iOS devices. In order to use this application, a user must be a member of Learning Ally. Content may be synced to the iDevice via iTunes or downloaded via the app. It allows for listening to, and navigation of, Learning Ally’s DAISY collection. Created by Learning Ally. Available from the Apple App Store. Price: Free.

Read2Go: Read2Go is an iOS application for reading books from Bookshare. It allows a patron to download DAISY files from Bookshare and read them via its own text-to-speech engine, or VoiceOver. It is also possible to enlarge and highlight text for magnified reading if the user chooses to do so. To use the application or to download new books, you must be an active Bookshare subscriber. Created by Benetech. Distributed through the Apple App Store. Price: $19.99

VoiceDream Reader: Developed for the iPhone, VoiceDream Reader can read a number of file formats including Word, Daisy, HTML, etc. It can also import books directly from Bookshare, Project Gutenberg, or a Dropbox account. It can also handle audio DAISY books. Price: $9.99; additional voices are $1.99-$2.99.



In order to produce DAISY books, agencies use specialized software. A variety of packages are available. The definitive source for information on all hardware and software related to playing or producing DAISY books is the DAISY Consortium website,

Book Wizard Producer: Book Wizard Producer allows production of DAISY and NIMAS books. Users can record and edit audio using microphone input from their computer and then mark up (structure) the file according to DAISY format; or they can import and edit pre-existing audio and create a DAISY book with it by adding structural elements. American Printing House for the Blind. Price: $180.

EasyConverter: EasyConverter is a program that can accept a variety of inputs including documents and audio files. Documents can be converted to DAISY formats, Braille, and large print. Audio files can be converted into audio DAISY books. Dolphin Computer Access. Price: $595; unlock code only, $561.

Publisher: Dolphin Publisher is intended to be used by agencies that produce commercial-grade DAISY books. Dolphin Publisher can import Microsoft Word, plain text documents, HTML, XHTML, NIMAS, unprotected EPUB, and DTBook XML files. The product automatically generates markup for headings, page numbers, words, sentences, or paragraphs for navigation. Dolphin Publisher can also import audio files. Dolphin Computer Access. Price: Nonprofit, $989; Commercial, $2,950; unlock code only, $2,916. Price for education/nonprofit institutions: $989/$955.

Save As DAISY: Save As DAISY is a free add-in for Microsoft Word. It is best used with Word 2007 and Word 2010. Both text type and full DAISY books can be created. Save As DAISY will use SAPI voices to create audio files. Available from the DAISY Consortium. Price: Free.



This section is concerned with eBook sources dedicated to serving readers with print disabilities. Mainstream sources have not been included, due to the proliferation and the high profile nature of mainstream eBook stores.

Bookshare: A yearly subscription allows blind or disabled subscribers to download any number of books that have been scanned and posted to the site (often by other members). Books covering a wide variety of topics can be read in audio or Braille format on a computer, notetaker, smartphone, or tablet; and books can be ordered in embossed Braille for about eight cents per page. Benetech. Price: eligible students: Free; one-time registration: $25,annual membership fee: $50.

Learning Ally (Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic): Learning Ally's library contains thousands of titles in a broad variety of subjects from literature and history to math and the sciences, and at all academic levels from kindergarten through post-graduate and professional. Learning Ally books are in DAISY format on CDs. Learning Ally also permits downloading of their DAISY titles, as well as protected WMA files. Contact Learning Ally to register as a new member and to obtain lists of subject-specific material. Learning Ally. Price: Individual memberships cost $119. Institutional memberships are also available.

National Library Service Braille and Audio Recordings Download: BARD, accessible to authorized NLS patrons only, allows users to download human-read, DAISY-formatted books and magazines for immediate transfer and playback on an authorized device. Users can sign up through their local network library and then activate their player. National Library Service. Price: Free.

Read How You Want: This site sells eBooks from a variety of publishers in Braille, large print, DAISY, and audio. Read How You Want. Price: Varies. Check website for details.

Web Braille: Restricted to NLS patrons, this web-based service provides, in electronic format, many Braille books and magazines produced by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped of the Library of Congress. All books are in contracted Braille. Library patrons should contact their regional library or the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped of the Library of Congress for details and information on how to register. Price: Free service.






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  2. Acapela; Belgium: 33, Boulevard Dolez, 7000 Mons; Telephone: +32 (0)65 37 42 75; Fax: +32 (0)65 37 42 76; France: Immeuble Les Erables, 102 Rue du Lac, 31681 Labège Cedex; Phone: +33 (0)5 62 24 71 00; Fax: +33 (0)5 62 24 71 01; Sweden: Englundavägen 7 PO BOX 1328, 171 26 Solna; Phone: +46 (0)8 799 86 00; Fax: +46 (0)8 799 86 01; Website: Technical Support:
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