Ellana Crew Shares Why She’s a National Federation of the Blind Member

By: Ellana Crew

From the editor: Ellana is a member of the National Federation of the Blind of Maryland. Her #WhyImAFederationist story originally appeared on the NFB of MD’s Facebook page.

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Why Are You a Federationist?

The National Federation of the Blind has tens of thousands of members and is constantly growing. It is no surprise, then, that there are a myriad of reasons why people become and remain members of the National Federation of the Blind. In the month of March, we challenged our members to share these reasons with us using #WhyImAFederationist. They went above and beyond in rising to this challenge. These stories come from people in all walks of life, from parents to students, travelers to techies. Blindness clearly does not define any of them, and they are all living the lives they want. Here are just a few of the tweets and snippets from Facebook posts that we received in response to our question, “Why are you a Federationist?”

“Because I got one of the most important things all parents need. HOPE for my daughter's future!”

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2017 National Federation of the Blind Youth Slam

By: Seth Lamkin

“In the classroom people don’t always ask us to get involved…”

“My science teacher didn’t want me to do anything…”

“People say, ‘it’s for your own good, it’s better if you don’t have to do it…'”

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National Federation of the Blind Celebrates a Successful Washington Seminar

By: Chris Danielsen

With a new administration in Washington promising sweeping change, many wonder what the prospects for legislative success are in the rapidly evolving political environment. Throughout our history, the National Federation of the Blind has worked with political leaders of both parties to craft public policy that helps blind Americans live the lives we want, and our goal is to continue to do so. Judging by the outstanding success last week of our 2017 Washington Seminar, there are plenty of partners willing to work with us and champion our issues, presenting ample and exciting opportunities to make positive change.

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The National Federation of the Blind Reflects on Another Successful Year of Advocacy for the Blind

by: Patti Chang, Director of Outreach

This year we have worked hard to defend the rights of blind people across the country to ensure we can live the active, successful lives we want. The National Federation of the Blind has much to be thankful about in 2016:

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It Starts with Me: Fundraising for the National Federation of the Blind

By Patti Chang

As I begin my second career as Director of Outreach for the National Federation of the Blind, I am privileged to work to build our movement by focusing on our fundraising. We need funding to help blind people live the lives we want, and we have an obligation to fundraise on behalf of this organization which has so positively impacted so many people.

I thought I would share with you all some tips and tricks. The first tip is to “make the ask.” Many people are uncomfortable asking for money. So, the easiest person to ask is yourself.

Have you donated to the National Federation of the Blind this year?  It’s easy. There are lots of ways to give. And, once you have given, you can begin your “ask” by saying something like, “I just gave to the National Federation of the Blind.”

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Getting Out in Our Community for Meet the Blind Month

From the Editor:

Meet the Blind Month is more than just a chance to get together with our fellow chapter members. It’s the chance to get out in our communities and show our fellow citizens that we can, and do, live the lives we want and that blindness is not what holds us back. In this post, Christopher Walker, a proud member of our Virginia affiliate explains why Meet the Blind Month is so meaningful to him.


By Christopher Walker

I am a proud member of the National Federation of the Blind.  I am the Outreach Chair for the Winchester Chapter of the NFB of Virginia.  I have had many opportunities to go to local events in the community to educate people and help to make them aware of blindness. Meet the Blind Month provides a great opportunity to do outreach to the Winchester community.

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Progress Through Telling Our Stories: The Truth About Blindness Makes a Difference

The members of the National Federation of the Blind work on a daily basis to demonstrate that blindness is not the characteristic that defines us or our future. Every day we work to raise expectations for blind people because we experience daily the harmful impacts of low expectations on our lives. Today we can celebrate another important milestone in combating low expectations and educating the public regarding the truth about living with blindness.

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An Open Letter to Our Friends and Families About the #HowEyeSeeIt Campaign

From the Editor:

Stacy Cervenka is a member from California who has been actively participating in our efforts to push back on the #HowEyeSeeIt Blindfold Challenge. Below is an open letter she wrote to friends and family concerning the campaign.

Dear Friends and Family Members:


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