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The 2016 Distinguished Educator of Blind Students Award

by Carla McQuillan

Carla McQuillanFrom the Editor: Carla McQuillan is the president of the National Federation of the Blind of Oregon, a former board member of the national organization, and the owner and executive director of Main Street Montessori Association, operating three Montessori schools. Most recently she has accepted an appointment as the chairman of the Distinguished Educator of Blind Students Award Committee. Here is the announcement she has written, seeking applications for the 2016 award:

The National Federation of the Blind will recognize an outstanding teacher of blind students at our 2016 annual convention, June 30 through July 5, in Orlando, Florida. The winner of this award will receive the following:

The education of blind children is one of the National Federation of the Blind's highest priorities. We are committed to offering and supporting programs that enhance educational opportunities for this group. Please help us recognize dedicated and innovative teachers who provide quality education and meaningful experiences and opportunities for their blind students.

Q: Who is eligible for this award?

A: Anyone who is currently a teacher, counselor, or the administrator of programs for blind students.

Q: Does an applicant have to be a member of the National Federation of the Blind?

A: No, but attending the national convention in Orlando is required.

Q: Can I nominate someone else for this award?

A: Yes. Applicants can be nominated by colleagues, parents, supervisors, or friends who have first-hand knowledge of the individuals work with blind students.

Q: How would I apply?

A: You can fill out the application at the end of this article or find it on our website at

Q: What is the deadline to submit an application or make a nomination?

A: All applications must be received no later than May 1, 2016.

Please complete the application and attach the required documents specified in the application. If you have questions, contact Carla McQuillan at (541) 653-9153.

National Federation of the Blind
Distinguished Educator of Blind Children Award
2016 Application
Deadline: May 1, 2016

Name: _______________________________________________________
Home address: _________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________
Phone: (H) ____________________ (W) ____________________________
Email: ______________________________________________________
School: ______________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________
Use a separate sheet of paper to answer the following:

Email is strongly encouraged for transmitting nominations; letters of support and other relevant materials should be included as attachments. Applications sent by mail and postmarked by the deadline will also be accepted. Send all material by May 1, 2016, to Carla McQuillan, Chairperson, Teacher Award Committee, <[email protected]> or by mail to 5005 Main Street, Springfield, OR 97478; (541) 653-9153.

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