Braille Monitor                          August/September 2019

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All Work and No Play—Not Happening

Melissa and Mark Riccobono wearing flamingo hats at the Action Fund Braille Carnival

We often talk about the serious work we do in the Federation, and some of the serious work is done at national convention with resolutions, division meetings, and national board elections. But we also make time for fun with our Federation family during convention. Since most of this issue is devoted to the work we have done, are doing, and will do, it seems appropriate to showcase some of the play that happened during the 2019 National Convention.

John Arroy and Ramona Walhof wear top hats while taking tickets at the Broken Spectacles concert

President Mark Riccobono and his wife Melissa have a lot of responsibility during convention, but during the Braille carnival, they set aside the serious to get a little silly wearing flamingo hats. Other Federationists took the time to enjoy a concert by the Broken Spectacles sponsored by the host affiliates. Sometimes the fun mixed with educational opportunities. Participants in the NOPBC Youth Track participated in a self-defense class where they got to practice kicks and strikes against instructors using pads and body armor one day and attempted to pop balloons using blowguns made from slim PVC pipes on another day.

Hannah Clemenson and Quincie Mattick smile and laugh together at the Broken Spectacles concert
Youth Track students take a self-defense class. In the foreground a young girl swings her leg hard to kick a blocking pad the instructor is holding.]
Participants in the Youth Track use PVC blowguns to try to pop balloons

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