Future Reflections Fall 1994, Vol. 13 No. 3



by Ruby Ryles

  Sometimes blind and visually impaired children come to preschool or kindergarten with less than average strength in their hands and fingers. This is the age that pre-reading and reading and writing activities should formally begin for children. Even if your child is not a future tactile reader, it is wise to spend time playing with him or her to develop arm, hand, and finger strength. Below is a partial list of activities you and your child might enjoy while doing just this. As you play you will find other activities which use these muscles. The goal is for your child to do the activity independently. But above all, have fun!

Arm and Hand Strength:
Weight-bearing activities such as:

Grip and Finger Strength:

(This list of activities is provided with the cooperation of Peggy Jensen, Occupational Therapist, Marysville, Washington.)