Future Reflections

The National Federation of the Blind Magazine for Parents and Teachers of Blind Children

Vol. 13, No. 3     Fall 1994

Barbara Cheadle, Editor


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Vol. 13, No. 3    Fall 1994

From Taking Notes to Taking Out the Trash by Bonnie Peterson

A Parent's Guide to the Slate and Stylus by Barbara Cheadle

Pre-Reading Activities for Blind Preschoolers by Ruby Ryles

Braille Literacy Legislation: Testimony from A Parent by Julie Hunter

Is it a Book or Just Paper? by Bernadette Kobierecki

Here I Come, Ready or Not: The Making of a Video by Myra Adler Lesser

Making Whole Language Work by Carol Castellano

Encouraging Expressive Speech by Donna Heiner

Tactile Drawings: A Proofreader's Perspective by Carolyn Miles

Teaching Sheela by Tom and Sherry Bushnell

I Don't Know, Ask Jeff! by Tom Balek

School Uses Technology to Mainstream Blind Students

Serena's Baseball Chronicles

Does Your Horse Have a Broken Leg? by Allan D. Nichols

Who's a Lucky Dog? by Mark Noble

Your ID, Please by Judy Sanders

Accepting Help: How to Break the Cycle by Joyce Scanlan

Fitting in Socially by Doris Willoughby
From the Handbook for Itinerant and Resource Teachers of Blind and Visually Impaired Students

Congratulations! 1993-1994 Braille Readers Are Leaders Contest Winners

Parent Power

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

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