Infusion of Print Literacy Methodology into Braille Instruction for Students with Visual Impairments

Michael P. Munro, Heather Renee Munro

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Munro, M. P., & Munro, H. R. (2013). Infusion of print literacy methodology into braille instruction for students with visual impairments. Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research, 3(2). Retrieved from doi:


Instructional areas that have shown to be necessary for the development of print literacy skills include decoding, morphology, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. This discussion explores the applicability of identified strategies and methodologies designed to improve literacy outcomes for print readers to students who are visually impaired and who use braille as their primary learning medium. Strategies for adapting and infusing literacy research into braille instruction are examined. This discussion also explores the backgrounds and training of teachers who work with students with visual impairments (TVI) and calls for expanded collaboration between teachers with expertise in reading instruction and the TVI.


Literacy, visual impairment, braille, collaboration, reading.

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