Vol 6, No 3 (2016) -- International Council on English Braille Special Edition

Table of Contents

Introduction to the 2016 ICEB General Assembly Special Issue HTML BRF
Dr. Fredric Schroeder
Implementation of UEB in Canada’s Largest School District HTML BRF
Darleen Bogart and Carol Farrenkopf
Cracking the Code: UEB Implementation in a Braille Printing House HTML BRF
Samuel Foulkes & Saul Garza
Implementing Unified English Braille in the United Kingdom HTML BRF
Mandy White
UIB – Irish Braille in Progress HTML BRF
Ilka Stäglin and Pat Farrell
Provision of Braille Reading and Learning Material in South Africa: A Balance between Technology and Braille Adding Value and Creating a Love of Reading HTML BRF
Pasha Alden
Unified English Braille and Literacy Development in English-Speaking Africa: Benefits, Challenges and Policy Implications HTML BRF
Paul M. Ajuwon, Ph.D.
Developing and Delivering an Online Course for Teachers to Support the Effective Teaching of Literacy through Braille HTML BRF
Rory Cobb
Braille Music and UEB in Practice in the UK HTML BRF
Roger Firman and Sally Zimmermann
Understanding and Reducing Inaccuracy in Electronically Generated Braille HTML BRF
Jennifer Dunnam
BANZAT Building Better Braille: An Accreditation Framework for Producers Using Computer Translation Software HTML BRF
Mary Schnackenberg
Personal Perspectives on Unified English Braille for Mathematics HTML BRF
Kyle J. Steinle
Your Personal and Confidential Information in Braille: What Goes On Behind The Scenes To Make It Happen? HTML BRF
Jen Goulden

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