Natural Order of Braille Contractions

By Casey Robertson and Sheena Manuel

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Robertson, C., & Manuel, S. (2021). Natural Order of Braille Contractions. Journal of Blindness Innovation & Research, 11(1). Retrieved from http://dx.doi/10.5241/11-204


The traditional method of braille instruction for children consists of introducing braille contractions in a systematic, linear fashion similar to how adults are taught the code. The problem when teaching children, however, is that this often takes several years, resulting in many students falling behind grade reading levels before they have mastered the literary code.  Based on anecdotal research and observations, it is believed that the code can be taught more quickly when instruction is based on teaching braille contractions as they appear naturally in the student’s grade-level reading materials–the natural order of contractions method. This method is more appropriate to the young learner and is consistent with best practices for literacy instruction as presented in the public education sector.


Natural order of contractions, braille, braille reading, braille teaching strategies, braille curriculum, Unified English Braille

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DOI: http://dx.doi/10.5241/11-204

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