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2013 Convention Activities for Parents and Children

President Maurer sits on the floor with children at the start of the 2013 conventionOn seminar day at each national convention the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children works overtime to host activities of interest to blind children and their parents. The day often begins with the children visiting with President Maurer and asking him questions that range from, "Do you like animals," to, "Do you really think I need Braille even though I can see some print?"

Kids playing with maracasAfter this early morning meeting, activities split into presentations for the parents and entertaining activities for the children. These range from making their own maracas (much to their parents’ delight, we’re sure), to quieter entertainments. A variety of toys was available, including the stretchy yo-yo that Chloe Darlington is having fun with in the third photo.

Chloe Darlington playing with a stretchy yo-yoBut at the end of the day, you can’t beat a ride with mom back to the room for a bit of rest before rejoining the unique experience of an NFB national convention, as Kayla Hartle will agree.

Mary Jo Hartle holds daughter Kayla

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