Braille Monitor

Vol. 56, No. 9                                                     October 2013

Gary Wunder, Editor

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Vol. 56, No. 9                                                     October 2013


Illustration: 2013 Convention Activities
for Parents and Children
Listen Now (MP3)

The Blind Driver Challenge™, the Quest for the Salt, and the Continued
Journey of Innovation and Adventure
 Listen Now (MP3)
by Mark A. Riccobono

Braille Enrichment for Literacy and Learning (BELL): Changing Educational
Expectations for the Blind of America
Listen Now (MP3)
by Mark A. Riccobono, Sandy Halverson, Kayleigh Joiner, and Raveena Ali

A Teacher in the Movement Who Believed in Blind Children and
Taught the Legislature to Share Her Faith
Listen Now (MP3)
by Casey Robertson

Another Perspective on KIDS Camp Listen Now (MP3)
by Sharon Maneki

Ending Legalized Discrimination in Wage
Payments for Disabled Americans
Listen Now (MP3)
by Gregg Harper

Our Efforts in Washington on
Behalf of the Blind
Listen Now (MP3)
by John Paré, Anil Lewis, Lauren McLarney, and Jesse Hartle

A Commitment to Equality of Opportunity:
A Report from the Department of Justice
Listen Now (MP3)
by Eve Hill

The Blind at Work in an Unusual
and Demanding Profession
Listen Now (MP3)
by Cassandra McNabb-McKinney

Recipes Listen Now (MP3)

Monitor MiniaturesListen Now (MP3)

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