Braille Monitor                                                                  April-May 1985


A Comment from President Jernigan

At the beginning of the August-September, 1983, Monitor I made some comments which bear repeating in the present issue. Although the dates and the numbers of articles are different, the substance and philosophy are identical. Therefore, I won't take the trouble to try to think up new wording and new ways of saying it. Here it is as I said it then, and this is why the present issue is April-May and not just April.

"No one can ever accuse the Braille Monitor of being 'set in its ways.' Ordinarily each issue contains somewhere between eight and thirteen articles. However, as we began to think about the August issue (writing and collecting material in late May and early June), the articles just kept piling up and needing to be written. It soon became clear that we had enough for two complete issues, but it didn't make sense to make an arbitrary division, printing half of the material in August and holding the balance of it for September. All of it needed to be in your hands as soon as possible. Holding half of the material back for September is exactly the kind of arbitrary, bureaucratic behavior which we spend a great deal of our time decrying. Therefore, we are printing the entire kit and caboodle as soon as we can, and we are combining August and September. I don't know how many pages it will come to but I am sure that it will be at least twice as long as usual. I think you will find this to be a very informative, very stimulating, and very worthwhile issue. If we find the time, we will bring another issue out before October. There is no law against it--and besides, that's the way we are."