Braille Monitor                                                                 April-May 1985


Convention Update

by Betty Niceley

There is a rare treat in store for those early arrivals at our 1985 NFB convention. On June 29 and 30 the Heritage Foundation will be holding one of its Heritage weekends on the Belvedere right next door to the Gait House Hotel, our convention headquarters. For these two days, anyone wishing to do so may sample native foods, make exotic purchases, enjoy festive entertainment, and observe the customs of four different countries. They are: Ireland, Greece, the Philippines, and the Caribbean Islands. Don't miss this unique experience. On one of these evenings there will be a fireworks display.

This year's hospitality room will be in a part of the new Grand Ballroom. A variety of entertainment activities will take place there on most evenings during the week. We want that to be a place of fun and fellowship, where old acquaintances are renewed and new ones encouraged.

You need to know about two of the special evening activities. One of these will take place on Tuesday, July 2. You don't want to miss this opportunity to participate in a real Kentucky Ball. It will be complete with mint juleps, southern hospitality, and the right kind of music to sweep you along the path of true enjoyment. Girls, this is your chance to don your Southern Belle gowns and get into the atmosphere of the thing.

Wednesday evening has been chosen as the time for the cruise on the Belle of Louisville, which you have been hearing so much about. There will be music on board for those who save some dancing energy from the night before. The top deck of the Belle is an open one and provides marvelous breezes, as well as an opportunity for hailing those "ships that pass in the night."

Louisville has first-class restaurants, theaters, shopping, etc. Don't you dare miss this convention! We're getting ready for you; so you all come! By the way, our grand prize to be given away at the banquet is $1,000 in cash. Don't ever let it be said that Kentuckians bribe their fellow Federationists into attending national conventions!