Braille Monitor                                                                  July 1985


This Indeed is Commitment and Dedication

Baltimore, Maryland
May 3, 1985

Dear ____:

This will acknowledge receipt of your will and of your contribution in the amount of $310. Both are very much appreciated. I hope that more Federationists will follow your example in remembering the organization in their wills. It is not simply that the movement will receive more money (although, of course, that is vitally important), but it is also that the level of commitment is likely to increase during the person's lifetime.

Our heart and our treasure tend, as the saying goes, to walk hand in hand. You are giving to the Federation the bulk of all you possess at the time of your death. Thank you for what you have done and for the spirit which prompted it. This, indeed, is dedication and commitment.


Kenneth Jernigan, President
National Federation of the Blind