Braille Monitor                                                                  July 1985


Letter from a Reader

Indianapolis, Indiana
April 25, 1985

Dear Monitor:

I want to thank you for an excellent publication, which gives the blind of this nation a forum to speak the truth about blindness to one another, and to anyone else who will listen. I am continually amazed at the candor and helpfulness with which problems such as discrimination, the availability of reading material through our libraries, and independent travel are addressed.

For a number of personal reasons I have not been active in the NFB for the last four or five years. However, I continued, sometimes more diligently than others, reading the Monitor which faithfully you sent to me. Through its encouragement, I have decided once again to join the Federation. I want to put my time and effort beside that of others who are striving to make the world a more livable place for blind people of all ages and backgrounds. I also want to share my resources to help the blind of my state, the nation, and hopefully the whole world.

My intention is to make a place in my budget for the Braille Monitor, because I feel its publication and dissemination is so important to our movement. But for now I would like to enclose my "leftovers." Also, I have two friends, one my spiritual director, the other my ophthalmologist, who I would like to receive ink print subscriptions to the Monitor. (Their addresses will follow at the end of this letter.)

Before closing I would like to say, "Hats off to Larry!" I think Larry McKeever does a super-fantastic job of reading the Monitor on disk! His ability to read rapidly, and yet with lots of expression, is sure a wonderful thing for us. He is a rare and great blessing to our movement!

Thanks again for an excellent publication and for a job faithfully and consistently well done!


Susan Jones

P. S. You have my permission to reprint all or any part of this letter in the Monitor.