Braille Monitor                                                                  July 1985


Insurance Hearing

by John Dower

On Thursday, May 2, 1985, nine members of the NFB attended a hearing in Jefferson City, Missouri.

What a difference the meeting in 1985 was, compared to the meeting in 1978. This meeting really began where that meeting ended.

The Insurance Commissioner first made a statement that they were there to put the law on the books as the National Federation of the Blind proposed before the law was passed by the National Congress.

Rita Lynch, Tom Stevens, and I spoke in favor of the amendment. A lady from a life insurance company spoke against the amendment, but she was quick to state that she did not disagree with the law as it pertained to the blind but maybe they could have it their way as far as the other handicapped were concerned. Several insurance representatives spoke against the amendment but only as it applied to casualty insurance. They, too, agreed that the amendment should stand as far as life, accident, and health insurance.

It really did us good to hear our Jim Gashel and the NFB quoted and to hear them say that they agreed with our organization.

For those of us who were there representing the NFB and to all the members of our organization, it was a great day and showed once again--