Future Reflections

The National Federation of the Blind Magazine for Parents and Teachers of Blind Children

Vol. 1, No. 4   July 1982

Barbara Cheadle, Editor


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Vol. 1, No. 4   July 1982

Mom, Am I Blind?

Textbooks for Your Child

Life After Highschool: College and Your Blind Son or Daughter

Braille and The Preschooler

Eye Surgery and The Blind Child

Myths and Facts About Blindness

Literature and Book Review:

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Complete Future Reflections

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The National Federation of the Blind was founded on the philosophy that, given the opportunity and training, blind people can compete on an equal basis with their sighted friends and neighbors. Sounds simple. In reality, in spite of our best, conscious efforts, we often find our own feelings and attitudes to the contrary getting in the way of actually implementing this philosophy. Transferring what we believe in our "head" to our "hearts", and finding ways to make that belief come alive in our actions, is often difficult.

We have attempted in this newsletter to give practical suggestions and information as to how you, as parents, can put this philosophy into practice with your blind child. By working together, we, blind adults and parents, can give our children the training they need to take advantage of opportunities in a future we build. A future where they can be treated with respect and dignity, not pity or patronage, and succeed or fail on their own merits and efforts, not on the basis of their blindness.

Below are some samples of the comments we have received about the newsletter. Their complimentary and encouraging tone indicate we are accomplishing our goal. It is interesting, too, that the responses have come from all quarters . . . from parents to rehabilitation professionals to educators and others.

From a Rehabilitation Agency Supervisor

"Again, I can't help commenting on the fine quality of another new Federation newsletter: Newsletter for Parents of Blind Children. I am especially delighted with the focus of this one. It is an area that has been in considerable need of enlightenment."

From a Education of Physically Handicapped Director . ..

"Thank you for sharing the newsletter with the teachers of visually impaired students .... The newsletter is enjoyed and appreciated."

From a Pre-School Rehabilitation Teacher ....

"I thoroughly enjoyed the NFB Newsletter for Parents of Blind Children. The articles are very practical and should be a very valuable resource for parents. I will definitely inform my clients about the newsletter. If the quality of material continues, the publication should be a great success."

From a Materials Center Director . . .

" .. I think it (NFB Newsletter for Parents of Blind Children) is very good and interesting and should be extremely helpful to Parents . . ."

From a blind parent of a blind child ....

"... I wish this newsletter had been around when my parents were raising me. They tried and did a good job, but if they had had good information on how to answer and deal with my feeling of blindness, how much easier things could have been."