Future Reflections                                                                                                 Special Issue 2004

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Chapter 7: Parent Power

National Organization of Parents of Blind Children

What is the NOPBC?

The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children is a national membership organization of parents and friends of blind children reaching out to each other to give vital support, encouragement, and information. As an affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind, the NOPBC has the unique advantage of being a part of the largest, most active membership organization of the blind in the country. This relationship allows NOPBC members to draw upon the collective knowledge, wisdom, and resources of the real experts on blindness—blind people themselves. The NFB is a rich source of competent blind role models and mentors for blind and visually impaired children and their families.

Who Can Join the NOPBC?

• Parents of blind and visually impaired children

• Relatives, teachers, blind adults and others interested in creating better opportunities for blind children

What is the mission of the NOPBC?

The purpose of the NOPBC is to:

• create a climate of opportunity for blind children in home and society,

• provide information and support to parents of blind children,

• facilitate the sharing of experience and concerns among parents of blind children,

• develop and expand resources available to parents and their children,

• help parents of blind children gain understanding and perspective through partnership and contact with blind adults, and

• function as an integral part of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) in its ongoing effort to achieve equality and opportunity for all blind persons.

What does the NOPBC do?

In order to accomplish our mission, the NOPBC has initiated many exciting programs and activities. Among them are:

1.         Seminars and workshops
2.         IEP information and resources
3.         Advocacy
4.         Free literature
5.         Slate-Pals, a pen-pal matching service for blind youth
6.         Braille Readers Are Leaders contest and literacy program for Braille readers and prereaders
7.         Support networks for parents of blind children with additional disabilities, parents who
            homeschool, and other families with special needs
8.         Kenneth Jernigan Braille Carnival for blind and sighted children
9.         My First Cane—A program to provide canes to blind toddlers
10.       Future Reflections: The NFB Magazine for Parents and Teachers of Blind Children.

How can I join the NOPBC?

NOPBC dues are $8 per family per year. This includes a subscription to Future Reflections. (Non-members are asked to make a subscription/donation of $15 per year.) Members of NOPBC are also members-at-large of the National Federation of the Blind.

To join, fill out the membership application below and return it with your dues to the address below.

National Organization of Parents of Blind Children
Membership Application
1800 Johnson Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
(410) 659-9314 ext. 2360
[email protected]


Name(s) _______________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________________________________________

State ____________________________________________________ Zip _________

Email __________________________________________________________________

Telephone H: (        )______________________________________________________

C: (       ) _________________________  W: (        )______________________________

Name of blind child _______________________________________________________

Birth date __________________________

[ ] Parents

[ ] Teacher of the Visually Impaired

[ ] Other

Please make checks payable to National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC)
$8.00 NOPBC membership (includes magazine subscription)

$____ Donation

$____ Total enclosed

The NOPBC is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

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