Future Reflections

The National Federation of the Blind Magazine for Parents and Teachers of Blind Children


 Vol. 23, No. 2                                                                                      Special Issue—The Early Years

Barbara Cheadle, Editor

Marc Maurer and Jennifer

“I believe with all my heart that we can give Jennifer, and thousands of blind children like her, a bright future full of hope and opportunity if we all work together with love and understanding.”
— Marc Maurer, President, National Federation of the Blind


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Future Reflections

The National Federation of the Blind Magazine for Parents and Teachers of Blind Children

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Vol. 23, No. 2                                                                             Special Issue—The Early Years


Chapter 1: Reach for the Stars

by Carol Castellano        

    Reaching for the Stars
by Julie Hunter

    A Dad’s Expectations
by Mark McClain

Chapter 2: Learning Begins At Home

    Helpful Hints for Parents of Blind Infants and Toddlers
by Christine Faltz

    Let Your Child Play With the Pots and Pans
by Jacki Harth

           by Carol J. Castellano

    Active Learning and the Blind, Multiply Disabled Child
by Lilli Nielsen, Ph.D.

    Chore Wars
by Liz Wolf         

    Is Your Child Age-Appropriate?
by Ruby Ryles, Ph.D.

    Advice to Parents of Partially Sighted Children
by Barbara Cheadle

    “Mom, What Does Blind Mean?”
by Pauletta Feldman

Chapter 3: Movement and Mobility

     Parents: Blind Children’s First Mobility Teachers
by Joe Cutter

    Everyone Has a Cane, Just Like Me!
by Nalida E. L. Besson

    Independence and Mobility
by Doris M. Willoughby and Sharon L. Monthei

    Sharing Creative Movement with your Child
by Edwina Peterson Cross

Chapter 4: Touch: Another Way of Seeing

    Another Way of Seeing
by Deborah Kent Stein

    Hand-Over-Hand Guidance: What Lesson Do We Teach?
by Andrea Story

    Educated Fingers
by Barbara Pierce

Chapter 5: Literacy Is For Everyone

    Pre-Reading Activities for Blind Preschoolers
by Ruby Ryles, Ph.D.

    Your Child’s Right to Read
by Carol Castellano

    Research Study: Early Braille Education Vital
by Ruby Ryles, Ph.D.

    The Bridge to Braille

    Why Megan is Learning Braille
by Marla Palmer

Chapter 6: Formal Education

    Expectations: The Critical Factor in the Education of Blind Children
by Fredric K. Schroeder, Ph.D.

    The Blind Child in The Regular Preschool Program
by Ruby Ryles, Ph.D.

    Kyra’s Kindergarten Year
by Barbara Mathews

Chapter 7: Parent Power

     National Organization of Parents of Blind Children

Chapter 8: Future Reflections

    Responsibilities of a Seven-Year-Old
by Hannah Weatherd

    My Days Are Full
by Michael Taboada

    What Freedom Means to Me
by Nicole White

    When the Blizzard Blows
by Marc Maurer

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