Future Reflections                                                                                         Winter/Spring 2005

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A Girl's Best Friend is Back!

by Barbara Cheadle, President
National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC)

The NOPBC is pleased to announce that the delightful book, A Girl's Best Friend, (ages 8-12) by award-winning author, Harriet May Savitz, has been reissued and is, once again, available for sale online at <www.iuniverse.com/>.  An original Apple Paperback/Scholastic Books, A Girl's Best Friend is an engaging book with a realistic blind character. For that alone, I am happy to see it back.

But I have another reason to be glad: the author has arranged for a portion of the proceeds from the reissued book to be donated to the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children, a Division of the National Federation of the Blind. What a deal! With one purchase, you can give an entertaining gift, educate a child about blindness, and help fund the work of the NOPBC. Personally, I plan to buy several copies as gifts for my niece and nephews and other special children in my life.

In regard to alternative formats, the book has been Brailled and tape-recorded by the Library of Congress, Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped system. Copies, therefore, should still be available through your regional library for the blind. However, my library had the title listed as Girl's Best Friend, but it was the same book.

Here is an excerpt of a description of the book written by Peggy Chong who reviewed the book in 1997 for Future Reflections and the Minnesota Bulletin:

"…The story centers on Laurie, a 12-year-old blind girl and her dog. No, not her guide dog, the family dog, who is getting old and may have to be put to sleep. Laurie is normal 12-year-old, with all the problems, hopes, and dreams of any child that age…Laurie uses a white cane, writes letters to her grandmother (with her slate and stylus), roller skates, and walks her dog just like the other kids in her neighborhood. She also has problems in her new school with a substitute teacher who does not understand how to treat the blind student….The book shows how, for those who are blind, attitudes about blindness play an important part in the success of everything in life. Laurie has to work through her own attitudes about herself when others treat her differently because she is blind…I plan to give each of my nieces a copy of the book for Christmas. It will help the younger members of our family grow up with a better philosophy about blind people."


Title: A Girl's Best Friend
Price: $8.95
Size: 5X8
Pages: 114
ISBN: 0-595-33944-1
Published: December 2004
International orders: call 00-1-402-323-7800

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