Future Reflections

The National Federation of the Blind Magazine for Parents and Teachers of Blind Cjildren

Vol. 24, No. 1                                                                                                 Winter/Spring 2005

Barbara Cheadle, Editor

Fourth Street Live - Louisville

Southern hospitality, good food, good times, great shopping, historic attractions, music, and culture: Louisville�site of the 2005 NFB Convention (July 2 - 8)�has it all! Fourth Street Live! (above) is Louisville�s premier entertainment and retail district, located on Fourth Street between Liberty and Muhammad Ali Boulevards, in the heart of historic downtown Louisville. It is just a short walk from the Galt House Hotel, headquarters of the convention. For more information about what there is to do in the Louisville area, see the article about Louisville in the February 2005 issue of the Braille Monitor available under the �Publications� option on the NFB Web site at <www.nfb.org>.



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Table of Contents


Vol.24, No.1                                                                                                       Winter/Spring 2005

2005 NFB National Convention

In The Drivers Seat
2005 Convention Bulletin

Aaron�s Convention Story
by Aaron Richmond

Fingers on Buzzers! Kerri Regan's Jeopardy! Debut
by Anna Cheadle

Interview with a Sophomore
by Judi Ross

Beyond Textbooks on Time: Is the Battle for Braille Literacy Over?
by Mark Riccobono

Who Can We Share This With?
by Donna Labarre

A Girl's Best Friend is Back!
by Barbara Cheadle

Finally, A Book to Help Parents of Disabled
by Helen Henderson

Ways to Increase Independence
by Sandra Stirnweis

The Cane and I
by Judy Sanders

An Introduction to Dr. Lilli Nielsen's Active Learning
by Stacy Shafer

Distinguished Educator Award
by Sharon Maneki

Distinguished Educator Of Blind ChildrenAward Application

Emerging Victorious
by Anna Cheadle

Confessions of a BrailleNote User
by Jennifer Dunnam

Five to Make Ready
by Patricia Morrow

Blind Child Featured in HBO Special
by Mike Malloy

Extended School Year Services
by Leslie Seid Margolis

Hear Ye! Hear Ye

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