Future Reflections                                                                                         Winter/Spring 2005

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National Federation of the Blind Distinguished Educator of Blind Children Award
2005 Application

Deadline: May 15, 2005


Home address:_________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:_________________________________________________________

Phone: (H)____________________________________________________________




City, State, Zip:__________________________________________________________

Use a separate sheet of paper and answer the following:

List your degrees, the institutions from which they were received, and your major area or areas of study.

How long and in what programs have you worked with blind children?

In what setting do you currently work?

Briefly describe your current job and teaching responsibilities.

Describe your current caseload, e.g., number of students, ages, multiple disabilities, number of Braille-reading students, etc.

Attach the three required letters to this application and send all material by May 15, 2005, to:

Sharon Maneki, Chairwoman, Teacher Award Committee, 9013 Nelson Way, Columbia, Maryland 21045-5148, <[email protected]>, (410) 715-9596.

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