Future Reflections Summer/Fall 1999, Vol. 18 No. 2


1998-1999 Braille Readers Are Leaders Contest Winners

School for the Blind Outstanding Participation Award

Missouri School for the Blind

School for the Blind Honorable Mentions

California School for the Blind

St. Lucy Day School for Children with Visual Impairments (Pennsylvania)

Excellence in Promoting Braille Literacy

JoAnn Gatley, Teacher

(Washington School for the Blind)


First: Brett Cuthbertson, Canada

1,302 pages, grade 6

Second: Justin Moore, West Virginia

1,174 pages, grade 2

Third: Desiree Douglas, Michigan

1,029 pages, grade 6

Honorable Mention

Lea Williams, Oklahoma

741 pages, grade 4

Danielle Paullin, California

729 pages, grade 10

Kindergarten – First Grade

First: Tyler Kavanaugh, Kansas

4,784 pages

Second: Rochelle Schmitt, Indiana

4,380 pages

Third: Anne Naber, Minnesota

1,372 pages

Honorable Mention

Katie Kress, Minnesota.

1,226 pages

Jenny Wing-Proctor, Michigan

1,021 pages

Second – Fourth Grades

First: Bianca Samaniego, California

8,961 pages

Second: Casey Burns, Wisconsin

8,799 pages

Third: Mei-Ling Felten, Wisconsin

8,376 pages

Honorable Mention

Desire Oudinot, Pennsylvania

6,206 pages

Corey Grandstaff, Ohio

4,111 pages

Fifth – Eighth Grades

First: Maria Gabriela Smith, Alabama

11,114 pages

Second: Heather Bandy, California

9,326 pages

Third: Allison Passino, Oregon

8,418 pages

Honorable Mention

David Wright, Illinois

7,011 pages

Amanda Jones, Tennessee

6,039 pages

Ninth –Twelfth Grades

First: Angela Hubbard, Virginia

20,972 pages

Second: James Konechne, S. Dakota

7,613 pages

Third: Shelly Christner, Minnesota

6,328 pages

Honorable Mention

Joshua Jungwirth, Michigan

6,311 pages

Jenna Godino, New York

5,234 pages

Most Improved

David Abraham

New Mexico, age 10

James King

Maryland, age 15

Macy McClain

Ohio, age 8

Courtney Despeaux

Maryland, age 7

Andy Love

Ohio, age 12

Dustin Grandstaff

Ohio, age 10

Kathryn Ballew

Missouri, age 18

Sharon Williams

Missouri, age 19

Jessica Markle

Maryland, age 16

Torrey Wilson

Pennsylvania, age 7