ISSN 0883-3419

Volume 18, Number 2 Barbara Cheadle, Editor Summer/Fall 1999


Braille Readers Are Leaders Contest Entry Form

The World at His Fingertips: Deaf-blind Kindergartner
Wins National Braille Contest
by Jacqueline Lehatto

1998-1999 Braille Readers Are Leaders Contest Winners

       Alike Yet Different
        by Pauletta Feldman

Final Regulations Released for IDEA ’97
by Sue Abderholden

IDEA-Part B Final Regulations
Provisions of Interest to Parents and Educators of
Blind and Visually Impaired Children

Your Child’s Right to Read
by Carol Castellano

Suggestions for Working With Hannah
by Jill Weatherd

Bringing the Visual World of the Web to the Blind
by Debra Nussbaum

O&M Guidelines for Working With Jon
by Joe Cutter and Kathy Gabry

From the Blind Kid Listserv
�In The Car Seat �
� Slate and Stylus

Missouri School for the Blind and NFB Celebrate Braille
by Mary Dingus

New Research Study: Early Braille Education Vital
In Establishing Lifelong Literacy
by Ruby Ryles, Ph.D.

Faking It No Longer
by Cheralyn Braithwaith

Carol Castellano Honored
by Kathy Gabry

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
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