Future Reflections Summer/Fall 1999, Vol. 18 No. 2


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Catalogs from the Editor’s Bookshelf

Moving to a new office is an amazing incentive to do all those organizational and cleaning tasks that one has put off since, well, since the last move to a new office. One such task, which I took on in my recent office move, was the sorting of mountains of accumulated, outdated catalogs.

As editor of a national publication, I get lots of unsolicited material—including these catalogs (that’s not a complaint, by the way, merely an observation). Anyway, it occurred to me as I was throwing away outdated catalogs that I should share the results of my labor with Future Reflections readers.

The list below is, literally, a list of the catalogs remaining on my bookshelf today. The catalogs are current, and they offer products that I believe readers would find useful, or would at least like to know about. I make no claim, however, about the reliability of the companies offering the products, quality of products, price, etc. It is not a comprehensive list of catalogs, a list of the best, or worst, or anything else. It is exactly what I have said: a list of current catalogs that have shown up in my mail basket.

Most of the catalogs listed offer specific blindness related products, but I also included catalogs that offer products for disabled children. Parents and teachers of multiply disabled students may find this combined list useful. There were a couple of catalogs that didn’t seem to fit anywhere, so they ended up in the proverbial "Other" category.

I invite anyone who thinks this list is incomplete (and I’m sure it is), to send me a copy of the catalog or catalogs they think I should have. I’ll be glad to consider these items for the list when I next revise it. In the meantime, here is the list:

Catalogs of Blindness Products

Ann Morris Enterprises, Inc., A Catalog of Innovative Products Dedicated to People with Vision Loss, Volume 13, 1999. 890 Fams Court, East Meadow, New York 11554-5101
phone: (516) 292-9232 or (800) 454-3175 fax: (516) 292-2522
e-mail: <[email protected]>
Web site: <http://www.annmorris.com>

AFB Press, 1999 Catalog of Publications. American Foundation for the Blind, 11 Penn Plaza, Suite 300, New York, New York 10001
phone: (800) 232-3044
fax: (412) 741-0609
Web site: <http://www.afb.org>

APH Products Catalog 1999-2000 and APH Catalog of Accessible Books for People Who Are Visually Impaired or Blind, 1998-1999 and Supplement, Spring, 1999. American Printing House, Inc., 1839 Frankfort Avenue, P. O. Box 6085, Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085 phone: (800) 223-1839
Web site: <http://www.aph.org>

Blazie Engineering, 1999 Catalog of Products for Blind and Visually Impaired People. 105 East Jarrettsville Road, Forest Hill, Maryland 21050 phone: (410) 893-9333
fax: (410) 836-5040
Web site: <http://www.blazie.com>

DVS Home Video Catalogue. P. O. Box 55742, Indianapolis, Indiana 46205 phone: (317) 579-0439
Web site: <http://www.wgbh.org/dvs>
to order Braille catalogs phone:
(888) 818-1181
to order large print catalogs phone:
(888) 818-1999
to hear an audio version or other information phone: (800) 333-1203

Exceptional Teaching Aids, Inc. 1998-1999 Catalog. 20102 Woodbine Avenue, Castro Valley, California 94546
phone: (510) 582-4859 or (800) 549-6999 fax: (510) 582-5911

Howe Press of Perkins School for the Blind, Catalog of Products. 175 North Beacon Street, Watertown, Massachusetts 02172
phone: (617) 924-3490
fax: (617) 926-2027

Independent Living Aids, Inc. Educational and Recreational Highlights 1999-2000. 27 East Mall, Plainview, New York 11803
phone: (800) 537-2118
fax: (516) 752-3135
e-mail:<[email protected] > Web site:
< http://www.independentliving.com>

LS&S Group 1999-2000 Catalog
P. O. Box 673, Northbrook, Illinois 60065
phone: (847) 498-9777 or (800) 468-4789 TTY: (800) 317-8533
fax: (847) 498-1482
email: <[email protected]>
Web site: <http://www.lssgroup.com>

Lighthouse International, The Lighthouse Catalog Fall, 1999. 111 East 59th Street, 12th Floor, New York, New York
phone: (800) 829-0500
Web site: <http://www.lighthouse.org>

National Braille Press, Back to School Braille Backpack and Catalog of Publications. 88 St. Stephen Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02115
phone: (617) 266-6160 or (800) 548-7323 fax: (617) 437-0456
Web site: <http://www.nbp.org>

Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, Tools for Success: Catalog of Products 1999-2000. 20 Roszel Road, Princeton, New Jersey 08540
phone: (800) 221-4792
fax: (609) 987-8116
Web site: <http://www.rfbd.org>

Science Products, Vision Resources, Vision Aids Resource Guide. P.O. Box 888, Southeastern, Pennsylvania 19399 phone: (800) 888-7400
fax: (610) 296-0488

Seedlings Braille Books for Children, 2000 Catalog. P. O. Box 51924, Livonia, Michigan 48151-5924
phone: (734) 427-8552 or (800) 777-8552 fax: (734) 427-8552
e-mail: <[email protected]>
Web site: <http://www.seedlings.org>

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Publications, January 1999. 1100 West 45th Street, Austin, Texas 78756-3494
phone: (512) 454-8631
fax: (512) 206-9452
Web site: <http://www.tsbvi.edu>


Catalogs of Special Education and Disability Products

Access First Product Catalog. P. O. Box 3990, Glen Allen, Virginia 23058-3990 phone: (888) 606-6769
fax: (804) 935-6739
e-mail: <[email protected]>
Web site: <http://www.accessfirst.net>

Crestwood Company, Communication Aids for Children & Adults. 6625 North Sidney Place, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53209-3259
phone: (414) 352-5678
fax: (414) 352-5679
email: <[email protected]>
Web site:

Enabling Devices, Toys for Special Children. 385 Warburton Avenue, Hastings-on-Hudson, New York 10706
phone: (914) 478-0960 or (800) 832-8697 fax: (914) 478-7030
Web site:

Flaghouse, Special Populations, Fall 1999. 601 Flaghouse Drive, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey 07604
phone: (800) 793-7900
fax: (800) 793-7922
Web site: <http://www.flaghouse.com>

IntelliTools Spring 1999 Catalog, Technology for Inclusion. 55 Leveroni Court, Suite 9, Novato, California 94949 phone: (415) 382-5959 or (800) 899-6687 fax: (415) 382-5950
e-mail: <[email protected]>
Web site: <http://www.intellitools.com>

TFH Ltd., Fun & Achievement, 1999. 4537 Gibsonia Road, Gibsonia,
Pennsylvania 15044
phone: (800) 467-6222
fax: (724) 444-6411
e-mail: <[email protected]>
Web site: <http://www.tfhusa.com>


Other Catalogs

Franklin Learning Resources, Tools for School and Educational Products Catalog, Winter 1999. One Franklin Plaza, Burlington, New Jersey 08016-4907 phone: (800) 266-5626
fax: (609) 239-5943
Web site: <http://www.franklin.com>

Speak To Me! 330 S.W. 43rd Street, Suite 154, Renton, Washington 98055
phone: (800) 248-9965
Web site: