Future Reflections Winter/Spring 2000, Vol. 19 No. 1



The Very Best Gift of All


Reprinted from the VIP Newsletter, Volume 15, Number 3, a publication of the Blind Children�s Fund, Michigan.


Editor�s Note: This tiny little article packs a great big lesson for parents of blind toddlers and pre-schoolers! If any readers have other suggestions of �the real-thing, playthings� for toddlers and preschoolers, please pass them on to me for the next issue!


Marion is a mother, a nurse, and an aunt who knows all about kids. When she was about to visit her sister�s family, she wanted to bring along a small gift for her niece.

So, for Susan, who is 2 � years old, Marion bought a gift-wrapped tin of plastic bandages in several sizes. Her husband thought the gift was weird, cheap, and inappropriate, and he said so. Marion merely smiled.

Susan, however, was utterly delighted. First, she looked all over her own body for some place she could use a bandage. She found a small scratch, and it seemed to qualify.

Then she put two on her doll. After that she sorted out the big bandages, the middle-sized ones, and the little ones. And she asked Aunt Marion what kind of cuts, scratches, bruises, or sore spots each one ought to be saved for.

Over the next few days, the bandages obviously were her favorite playthings.

What Aunt Marion had known was that at 2 �, Susan�s play would probably include lots of simple pretending based on the real and simple events of her own life.

So the bandages were a smash of a gift because they helped Susan to pretend to do something important that grownups do. And every bandage�big, medium, or small�became a source of fun and a learning experience. That�s the very best gift of all.


From Primary News 6/99