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Volume 19, Number 1��� ������������������� Barbara Cheadle, Editor�������� ��������������� Winter/Spring 2000



NFB Convention 2000: NOPBC Activities

NFB Camp 2000: Child Care During Convention���

����������� by Carla McQuillan

The Lack of Insight in Children�s LiteratureRegarding Blindness
����������� by Merry-Noel Chamberlain��

Mandy Sue Day:A Book Review
���������� by Roberta Karim and Review by Peggy Chong

The Very Best Gift Of All
Hand-Over-Hand Guidance: What Lesson Do We Teach?
��������� by Andrea Story

My Name Is Macy, andI Was Addicted
��������� by Crystal McClain

My Introductionto Sleepshades and Independence
��������� by Craig Eckhardt

Grandparents Fill the Gap
��������� by Yolanda Johnny Taylor

Therapeutic Horseback Riding for the Blind
��������� by Wanda L. Ritter

Literature Review: Beginning With Braille:Firsthand Experiences
With A Balanced Approach to Literacy
��������� by Anna M. Swenson and Review by Carol Castellano

Why Does It Take So Long?�������
��������� by Betsy Burnham

My Saturday With The Braille Writer Repair Man��������� by Lucia Hasty

A Life Sentence Repealed: A Blind Multiply Handicapped Student
Achieves Functional Braille Literacy

��������� by Kevin C. Murphy

TechnologyAnd The Blind Lawyer
��������� by Chris Danielsen

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?
��������� by Florence Dooley

Can Girls With Impaired Vision Be Mommies?
��������� by Deborah Kendrick

Distinguished Educator Of Blind Children Award For 2000
��������� by Sharon Maneki

Extended School Year Services (ESY):What The Courts have Said
��������� by Rose Kraft

Who Gets ESY

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����������� Future Reflections, Winter Spring 2000
����������� Volume 19, Number 1Complete Issue

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