ISSN 0883-3419

Volume 19, Number 1                        Barbara Cheadle, Editor                         Winter/Spring 2000



NFB Convention 2000: NOPBC Activities

NFB Camp 2000: Child Care During Convention   

            by Carla McQuillan

The Lack of Insight in Children’s Literature  Regarding Blindness
            by Merry-Noel Chamberlain  

Mandy Sue Day:  A Book Review
           by Roberta Karim and Review by Peggy Chong

The Very Best Gift Of All
Hand-Over-Hand Guidance: What Lesson Do We Teach?
          by Andrea Story

My Name Is Macy, and  I Was Addicted
          by Crystal McClain

My Introduction  to Sleepshades and Independence
          by Craig Eckhardt

Grandparents Fill the Gap
          by Yolanda Johnny Taylor

Therapeutic Horseback Riding for the Blind
          by Wanda L. Ritter

Literature Review: Beginning With Braille:  Firsthand Experiences
With A Balanced Approach to Literacy
          by Anna M. Swenson and Review by Carol Castellano

Why Does It Take So Long?         
          by Betsy Burnham

My Saturday With The Braille Writer Repair Man          by Lucia Hasty

A Life Sentence Repealed: A Blind Multiply Handicapped Student
Achieves Functional Braille Literacy

          by Kevin C. Murphy

Technology  And The Blind Lawyer
          by Chris Danielsen

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?
          by Florence Dooley

Can Girls With Impaired Vision Be Mommies?
          by Deborah Kendrick

Distinguished Educator Of Blind Children Award For 2000
          by Sharon Maneki

Extended School Year Services (ESY):  What The Courts have Said
          by Rose Kraft

Who Gets ESY

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            Future Reflections, Winter Spring 2000
            Volume 19, Number 1  Complete Issue

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