Future Reflections Summer 2000, Vol. 19 No. 2



 Breakthrough Moments...

Graduation, marriage, divorce, confirmation, baptism, birth, death—momentous occasions such as these often trigger bouts of self-examination. We rethink our values and beliefs; we examine our past for clues to the person we have become, and we contemplate our future. We expect such events to generate insights and discoveries; and often they do. The National Convention of the National Federation of the Blind, for example, has been such an influence in the lives of literally thousands of people for over 50 years. A few of these inspiring stories of changed lives appear every year in Future Reflections and the NFB’s monthly magazine, the Braille Monitor.

However, breakthrough moments are not reserved alone for the grand events in life. Simple incidences in the ordinary course of our lives can lead to extraordinary discoveries, too. The first five articles in this issue are about such breakthrough experiences. Three are written by parents and two by blind adults. Each experience is unique to that individual, yet speaks to us all about the internal process of “changing what it means to be blind.” I think you will enjoy the stories, and it is my hope that one or more of them will spark for you a new thought or perspective or understanding about blindness.


Barbara Cheadle, Editor