ISSN 0883-3419

Volume 19, Number 2

Barbara Cheadle, Editor

Summer, 2000


Breakthrough Moments

Editorial Comments

Listening to the Leaves

by Carole Conrad

And Krystal Wants to Be a Painter

by Pat Linkhorn

Jeremy�s Miracle

by Jude Lincicome

Fueling the Fire

by Barbara Walker

Lighting the Flame

by Ryan Ozentowski

The Campaign to Change What It Means to Be Blind

Independence and Mobility

Excerpts from: Modular Instruction For Independent Travel For Students Who Are Blind
Or Visually Impaired: Preschool Through High School
by Doris M. Willoughby and Sharon L. Monthei

Reflections on My Childhood Mobility Experiences

by Paul Gabias, Ph.D.

Children�s Books: Reviews and Comments

Reviews and Comments by:
Rachel Becker� *� Barbara Cheadle �*� Peggy Chong� *� Kenneth Jernigan� *� Emily A. Mitchell� *� Jordan Powell

Books Reviewed:
The Night Search� *� Mandy Sue Day� *� The Doll on the Top Shelf� *� T.J.�s Story� *� The Seeing Summer

Teacher Recognition: Mr. GialanellaNot Just a History Teacher����

by Serena Cucco

Writing an IEP

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

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