Future Reflections                                                                                Volume 20, Number 1

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Responsibilities of a Seven-Year-Old

by Hannah Weatherd

Hannah Weatherd with NFB President, Dr. Maurer, at the 2000 Convention.
Hannah Weatherd with NFB President, Dr. Marc Maurer, at the 2000 Convention

      Editor�s Note: A few issues ago (Volume 18, Number 2), readers had the opportunity to hear about Hannah�s education from her mother, Jill Weatherd, in the article �Suggestions for Working With Hannah.� At the 2000 NFB Convention, Hannah got a chance to speak for herself. She wrote and read�in Braille, of course�her own speech for a kids� panel. Here is what she had to say to parents attending the NOPBC Annual Parents Seminar about the �Responsibilities of a Seven-Year-Old.� (Oh, by the way, if you had been wondering who the cute little blind girl was who read the Braille menu in the McDonald�s commercial in 1999, now you know.)

     My name is Hannah Weatherd. I am seven years old. I�m from Lima, Montana. I�m in first grade at school. Lima School is kind of small. First and second grades have to be in a room. Third and fourth are in a room. Fifth and sixth are in a room. My jobs at school are line leader, pledge leader, and helper. The helper�s job is to pass out papers and take the milk slip to the office, if we have afternoon milk. Our teacher, Mrs. Schroder, needs someone to water the plants. I was supposed to do that one day but I forgot. There has to be somebody to put the trash in the big trash can and put a new liner in it. They need a first-grader and second-grader to put the forks, spoons, knives, and milk on the table for lunch. We need a librarian to straighten out the books so they won�t be crooked when Mrs. Kluepner is being the helper. I really like four of the jobs the best. I like line leader, emptying the garbage, and I like to be the librarian. At home I empty the kitchen trash. Sometimes I set the table and in the morning I make my bed. I feed our chickens, too. I clean my room. I find money in the washer, and Mom says whoever finds money in the washer gets to keep it. I pick my clothes out every day except Sunday.

     I paid for my little brother�s airplane ticket to the NFB convention. I had enough money because I was on a McDonald�s commercial, and I wanted him to come this year. I wanted him to come because he has never been on an airplane before except when he was a baby, and he can�t remember it.

     I haven�t decided what I want to be when I grow up. I think I really want to be a postmaster the most.

     The End. Thank you.

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