ISSN 0883-3419

Volume 20, Number 1       Barbara Cheadle, Editor    Convention Report 2000


NFB 2001 Convention

NFB Camp: It�s More Than Child�s Play
      by Carla McQuillan

A Whole New World: The NFB National Convention
     by Carrie Gilmer

NFB Conventions: 2000 and 2001 (Editor�s Comments)

Asking for Help and Taking Responsibility
     by Noel Nightingale

Rights, Life, and Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches
     by Seth Leblond

Responsibilities of a Seven-year-Old
     by Hannah Weatherd

Teachers of the Visually Impaired: Roles, Rights, and
    by Malene Culpepper, 2000 Distinguished Educator of Blind Children Award winner

Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities in the Orientation and Mobility Process
by Joe Cutter

Convention Magic

Teaching the Professionals Who Teach the Blind
     by Ruby Ryles, Ph.D.

Distinguished Educator Award for 2001
     by Sharon Maneki

2000 National Organization of Parents of Blind Children  (NOPBC) Annual Meeting  
     by Christine Faltz, Secretary, NOPBC

Blind Kids and Magnet Schools: Our Experiences 
    by Amanda Jones and April Jones

My Experience with Standardized Testing and Blind Students
     by Marlene Culpepper

The Scholarship Class of 2000

Slate Pals Application

NFB Policy and the Education of Blind Children
Resolutions from the 2000 NFB Convention

Climbing in Thin Air: An Interim Report
     by Erik Weihenmayer

The National Research and Training Institute for the Blind
Capital Campaign Pledge Form

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