Future Reflections                                                                                       Volume 20, Number 1

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National Research and Training Institute for the Blind

We Are Changing What It Means to be Blind

     The National Federation of the Blind (NFB), America�s oldest and largest organization of the blind, is conducting a Capital Campaign to the build the National Research and Training Institute for the Blind (NRTIB). The new five-story, 170,000-square-foot building will be connected to the present 200,000-square-foot National Center for the Blind which houses NFB�s national headquarters located in Baltimore, Maryland.

�� The Institute will be the center of technological advancement for the blind. Along with development and promotion of adaptive technology, training will be provided to ensure that the blind move smoothly with their sighted peers into the emerging technological age and do not become casualties of the �digital divide.�

�� Statistics show that the current outlook for the 57,000 blind children growing up in this country is one of substandard education, social isolation, and probable unemployment. The NRTIB will identify the elements which characterize effective educational programs for blind children and implement research projects and services that will break down the barriers blind children face in reaching their full potential.

�� Braille is crucial to literacy and future employment opportunities for blind and visually impaired children, yet, today, only 10 percent of legally blind children read Braille and more than 40 percent read neither Braille nor large print. There is also much needed in the way of upgrading the Braille skills of teachers of the blind and improving Braille production and Braille teaching technology. The National Research and Training Institute will be the center of a growing Braille Literacy Initiative that will ensure that the progress led by the NFB to reverse Braille illiteracy continues and that Braille is recognized to be as important to blind children as print is to their sighted classmates.

�� The National Research and Training Institute will bring together knowledgeable professionals who will design materials and develop training programs to assist state and local agencies in helping blind and visually impaired seniors remain independent and continue to participate in the activities they hope for in their retirement years.

�� The new National Research and Training Institute will be the center for research, demonstrations, and job-development partnerships with private industry. These partnerships in combination with successful employment preparation programs will create national momentum toward the full employment of the blind.

�The projected construction cost of the Institute is eighteen million dollars. Your pledge can help us Change What It Means to be Blind.

For more information contact the
National Federation of the Blind
(410) 659-9314


The Campaign To Change What It Means To Be Blind

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