Vol 11, No 2 (2021)

Table of Contents

Professional Practice

What Meets the Eyes: A Comparison Between Translations into Tactile Perspective Bas-Relief HTML BRF
Selene Carboni and Daniele Marchioni
Innovative and Affordable Options for Adapting Geographic Materials for Students with Blindness HTML BRF
Gaylen Kapperman and Steven Maloney

Research Manuscripts

Perspectives of Interactions with Healthcare Providers Among Patients Who Are Blind HTML BRF
Nazanin M. Heydarian, Allyson S. Hughes, Osvaldo F. Morera, Ashley S. Bangert, and Angela H. Frederick
A Qualitative Study: Perceptions of Students with Blindness in Post-Graduate Distance Learning in STEM Fields HTML BRF
Sathiyaprakash Ramdoss, Dongmei Liu, Shivaji Kumar, and Kaelin Lee

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