Nemeth Code Curriculum: A Trusted Resource for Teaching Nemeth Code

Developed by the National Federation of the Blind in partnership with the Pearson Accessibility Team for Assessments, this interactive digital curriculum is designed to teach blind and low-vision students in pre-k through second grade Nemeth Code, which is the Braille code for mathematics and scientific notation.

NFB is the oldest and largest nationwide organization of blind Americans. The Pearson Accessibility Team for Assessments provides consulting services that support the development and delivery of accessible products and services. Together, our goal is to support educators, parents, and students of all ages in building their skills in the Nemeth Code. 

Comprehensive and Fun Curriculum Materials

The step-by-step curriculum materials are designed to teach blind and low-vision students in pre-kindergarten through second grade how to read and write the Nemeth Code. These materials include hands-on activities and games that reinforce grade-level math concepts and make learning the Nemeth Code fun and meaningful.

Focused Lessons for Better Learning

Engaging focused lessons provide a fun and supportive way to learn new symbols and practice reading and writing these symbols within grade-level math problems.

The Nemeth Symbol Library: Your Guide to Mastering Nemeth

The user-friendly Nemeth symbol library provides definitions of many of the symbols used in kindergarten through calculus in Nemeth Code, helpful hints for remembering how to read and write them, and examples in print and Braille.

Additional Information to Support Educators

We have included FAQs, acknowledgments and a bibliography, and information about the authors to help answer any questions you may have. For more information about the Nemeth Code curriculum or to provide feedback, please contact us at [email protected] or 410-659-9314, extension 2418.