Blind Users Innovating and Leading Design

Apply to become a tester in the National Federation of the Blind Blind Users Innovating and Leading Design (BUILD) program and help bridge the digital divide for blind Americans.

Technologies are being developed every day that affect the way we all live, work, and play. Given the continuing and rapid proliferation of advanced technology, we need your help to ensure that this technology is accessible to blind people.

The NFB is establishing a database of blind users to test and evaluate the accessibility of websites, home-use medical devices, home appliances, fitness equipment, and other products and services. To make it possible for blind people to live the lives we want, we depend on blind users like you to innovate and lead the design process.

Testers in our BUILD program will periodically receive requests to evaluate various websites, products, or services for usability and accessibility. In order for us to obtain real-world experiences, we are seeking information from novices to experts. Although most are volunteer opportunities, some of these projects may offer compensation, premiums like gift cards, or product discounts.

If you are interested in building the next generation of accessible products and services, please register to become a tester in our BUILD program by providing the following information.


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