Membership Building

The National Federation of the Blind is committed to providing our members, local chapters, and state affiliates with resources that will sustain and strengthen our work to increase opportunities for blind people. On this page you will find useful tips related to how to build your local chapter or state affiliate, membership recruitment, fundraising, leadership development, and advocacy. 

Jobs for Chapter Members

The most effective local chapters are those that ensure that each member can contribute in meaningful ways. Here are some suggestions for jobs for chapter members.

Fun Chapter Meeting Activities

The best chapters also feature a wide variety of activities during their meetings and eagerly embrace experimenting with new ideas.

  • The right song played before or after your meeting can keep people's spirits high and remind them that, while we are working hard to achieve our mission of integrating the blind into society, we need to have fun along the way. Here are some NFB songs you can play at chapter meetings.
  • Many chapters give away door prizes by drawing names out of a hat. Try determining the winners by playing this matching game or think of your own innovative method.
  • Here are some sample NFB trivia game questions. Try adding some questions that are specific to your local chapter or affiliate.

More Membership-Building Resources