The National Federation of the Blind works to advance disability rights. One important way to do that is to learn about your stories. We have several surveys to gain more information in various areas of access. Please review our current survey categories and report your experiences via one of the important surveys. Thank you for your time.

Rideshare Discrimination Survey

The National Federation of the Blind is seeking feedback from Uber and Lyft customers who have been discriminated against by either rideshare company because of disability, including but not limited to a rider’s use of a service animal or white cane, or inaccessible rideshare app technology. Please take time to report all instances of discrimination through the Rideshare Discrimination Survey. Though NFB’s agreements with both Uber and Lyft expired in 2020, we are gathering information about ongoing discrimination for legal advocacy.

Education Technology Survey

The NFB is gathering information regarding the accessibility of educational technology used in our nation’s schools (kindergarten through graduate level). If you are a student, parent, teacher, or administrator who uses screen access software or other accommodations to participate nonvisually in educational programs or services, or if you are the parent, teacher, or administrator of someone who does, please complete our education technology survey once a semester and contribute to this important research.

Access to COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing Survey

The National Federation of the Blind is gathering data to monitor and challenge access barriers for blind people to COVID-19 vaccines and tests. It is vital that blind and low-vision Americans receive the same opportunities and tools to participate in ending this public-health threat as others do. Please complete a five- to fifteen-minute survey regarding your experience with COVID-19 vaccines and testing.

Access to Digital Library Services Survey

Equal access to digital library services is a priority for the National Federation of the Blind. Digital services provide additional opportunities to engage with libraries and increase the availability of information. Your feedback will help us advocate for improved access to digital library services in public and school libraries. Please complete our survey on access to digital library services if you have any experience or feedback with using any of the services including account information, streaming, or other online services provided by libraries.

Unemployment Benefits Survey

The National Federation of the Blind is investigating barriers and denials related to unemployment benefits. If you have been terminated or laid off from your job within the last two years, please take time to complete this important survey. The information you provide will help the NFB as we pursue equal access to employment and its related benefits. For more information, contact [email protected].

NFB Travel Survey

The NFB is gathering feedback from members regarding accessibility barriers encountered while traveling to and from convention, including inaccessible self-service travel kiosks, travel websites and services, airports, and bus and train stations. Please complete this short travel survey.