Kernel Books

The National Federation of the Blind's Kernel Book series highlights the stories of blind men and women, and goes beyond sentimentality and misconceptions—to the very "kernel" of blindness.   

The covers of all thirty kernel books on a shelf.When the first editor, Dr. Kenneth Jernigan, was asked why he chose the name Kernel Book, he said, "In the first place, I suppose it has to do with whim. I thought the title was catchy, so I used it. But there is something more. We wanted to go to the very heart of blindness, trying to show our readers what it's really like; and, for that matter, what it isn't like."

The text and audio of every Kernel Book is now available online. The books bear important messages about blindness delivered by witty authors who write about intriguing, yet everyday, situations.

Kernel Books Online

As the Twig Is Bent

Beginnings and Blueprints

Beyond the Funny Tree

The Car, the Sled, and the Butch Wax



The Freedom Bell

Gray Pancakes and Gold Horses

I Can Feel Blue on Monday


The Journey

The Lessons of the Earth

Like Cats and Dogs

Making Hay

Not Much of a Muchness

Oh, Wow!

Old Dogs and New Tricks

Reaching for the Top in the Land Down Under

Reflecting the Flame

Remember to Feed the Kittens


Standing on One Foot


Tapping the Charcoal

To Reach for the Stars

To Touch the Untouchable Dream

Toothpaste and Railroad Tracks

Wall-to-Wall Thanksgiving

What Color Is the Sun

When the Blizzard Blows

Kernel Books in Print

Hard copy kernel books, in print, are available free of charge as long as supplies last. Please contact the NFB's Independence Market for more information.