12 Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season

Drawings of various presents wrapped in holiday wrapping paper.

12 Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season

Happy Holidays from the National Federation of the Blind. Whether it’s for a wish list to Santa or a special gift for a blind friend or family member, you’ve come to the right place.

The first, and most important, gift idea that we will offer is this – the blind people in your life probably enjoy the same gifts that you do! Everyone loves a cozy sweater, a fun toy, a good e-book, and festive food and drinks. And we also have separate interests to consider, because blindness isn’t what defines us. This guide offers items that were especially made with the blind and low-vision community in mind.

If you have any questions, or you’re looking for even more ideas, please visit our Independence Market or call them at 410-659-9314, extension 2216. Happy shopping.

For the Young and Young at Heart

Letter from Santa

Years back, Santa asked National Federation of the Blind to be his honorary elves. Ever since, we've been helping him send letters in Braille to blind boys and girls who are ten years old and younger. Along with the Braille letter, Santa includes a print letter so that parents who might not read Braille can follow along. He also includes other fun holiday activities. Submit a request for a letter from Santa by December 16.

Pedro and the Octopus

Give young children, both blind and sighted, a unique reading experience. Available for $35, Pedro and the Octopus is a Twin Vision® book commissioned by the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults that features both print and Braille text. For each book purchased, the Action Fund will give one away to a child who could not otherwise afford it. Learn more on the Action Fund’s website.

inTACT Sketchpad

Interactive tactile drawing tools are great gifts for all the creatives in your life. The inTACT Sketchpad is a lightweight and durable tool for creating tactile drawings by hand. As you draw on the sketchpad, raised lines appear on a plastic drawing sheet, allowing you to feel your drawings as you go. The inTACT Sketchpad is available from the Independence Market for $125 or $250 (with inTACT Eraser).

For the Information Seekers

Orbit Reader 20

The Orbit Reader 20 is a simple and affordable refreshable Braille display, text reader, and notetaker all in one. This special tool features twenty eight-dot refreshable Braille cells and works with popular screen readers on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. It includes an SD card, charger, and a USB cable. Purchase the Orbit Reader 20 from the Independence Market for $599.

Bradley Tactile Watch

This unique tactile timepiece was designed with both the blind and the sighted in mind. Instead of traditional watch hands, it uses two ball bearings connected by magnets. The watch face features distinct tactile markings at five-minute intervals. The body of the watch is titanium and the band is stainless steel mesh with a clasp. It is available from the Independence Market for $225.

For the Organizers

PenFriend2 Voice Labeling System

An audio labeling system can help with everything from labeling items in the freezer to organizing letters and bills. You can also record shopping lists, label medications, or use it as a portable notetaker. The pen-shaped PenFriend2 Voice Labeling System records voice labels of varying lengths up to one hour and associates them with stick-on labels. It is available from the Independence Market for $150.

Colorino Talking Color Identifier and Light Detector

The Colorino Talking Color Identifier and Light Detector is a handheld tool that can help sort and organize clothes, decorate a home, and distinguish other items by color. It can discern and clearly announce more than 150 color shades, and can also detect the presence of light. It has an earphone jack for private listening too. It is available from the Independence Market for $179.

For the Gamers

UNO Braille

Card games are played a lot during the holidays but also year-round. Many of us find ways to adapt card games, but now there is one that is out-of-the-box accessible. We were so proud to partner with Mattel this year to develop UNO® Braille, the first official UNO card deck featuring Braille. Visit UNOBraille.com for more information. It’s available nationwide through Target for $9.99.


AudioWizards is a unique video game about traveling to portals, defeating enemies, and preventing an invasion. Review our recent access tech blog post on the accessibility, simple controls, and overall enjoyment of the game. AudioWizards, available for $4.99 on both iOS and Android, is fun, challenging, and fully playable by both sighted and blind players.

For the Bakers and Chefs

All-Purpose Talking Thermometer

It’s very important to confirm the temperature of certain meats and candy to confirm that they are safe to eat and delicious. A talking thermometer is a great tool for both blind and sighted chefs that can read temperature quickly and announce the reading out loud, all with the press of a button. Check out the All-Purpose Talking Thermometer available at the Independence Market for $35.

Brailled Measuring Cups and Spoons

Everyone loves peanut butter cookies. And pies. And green bean casserole. Ensure accurate measurements of all the ingredients in your family’s kitchen this year with a set of Braille and tactile raised print measuring cups or spoons. They are plastic, dishwasher safe, and available from the Independence Market for $6 to $17, depending on the size of the set.

For the Activists

Honor Someone Special

Lastly, another generous gift is to contribute to a cause close to the heart. Make a donation to our movement in honor of someone. Together with love, hope, and determination, we transform dreams into reality.

—NFB Elves