Share Your Federation Memory Minute

Using the hashtag #BlindMonth, share the positive impact that mentors within the Federation have had on your life and how opportunities to earning equal wages and other aspects of employment are valuable to you.

Tips for Making a Video 

Below are ways to make a video with assistance or on your own with smart phones. 

Assisted Recording:

The person sharing their story can be on one end of a couch while the person recording can be on the other end pointing the camera towards the reader. For the recorder, have the device, typically a smart phone, at around your own chin level, landscape mode (horizontally), and front-facing camera chooser option – not in selfie or back-facing camera mode. The camera is like a sandwich in your hands but with your finger not on the camera lens.
Another option is to be sitting at a table. The recorder sits across from the member at a table. Hold the phone standing landscape (horizontally) on the table with the camera lens in the upper left corner pointed toward the reader.

Unassisted Recording:

If you're taking your own video, the quickest way to set up recording is to hold the camera in portrait (vertically). Have the face of the phone facing you as if you were going to make a call. There is a tiny camera up close to the speaker at the top of the phone. Line up the speaker up with your forehead just between your eyes and then, pull away from your face about six inches or as far as you can hold it comfortable in position and you will be in frame. If you’re at a table, you can have your elbows on the table to keep your arms steady the camera. 

Quick tips:

The member does not have to be exactly in the middle of the shot
Try to be in a place with the most lighting if possible
Check that the audio is clear
Have fun! 

How to Upload

Once you're happy with your video, go to your social media platform of choice and follow the prompts within the post composer to upload a photo. You may need to give the platform access to your photo library. Once you are in your photo library, select the most recent video. It should be the last thing you have in your library. Upload it to your post, put in some text explaining what your video is about and make sure to use the hashtag #BlindMonth.