Self-Advocacy Toolkit and Tracking Form for Nonvisual Accessibility

Explore the toolkit, webinar, and tracker form to learn how to advocate for accessibility.

The National Federation of the Blind believes that technology and digital platforms should be accessible to all. Our collective action, determination, and diversity help us achieve that goal. Use this digital accessibility advocacy packet to advocate for accessibility. There is a webinar, a toolkit, and a tracking form.

Learn. Take action. Track.

Toolkit: Reporting Inaccessibility Self-Advocacy 

Given the vast number of inaccessible apps and web sites, it is vital that everyone work together to report issues, educate companies, and help make many more products and services accessible. 

Directly engage with the products and services you use. Telling a company when you encounter accessibility issues with their products both alerts them to issues which can be fixed, but also educates them about a customer base and potential market that they may not have considered.

Use the Reporting Inaccessibility Self-Advocacy Toolkit for important tips, sample letters, and resources for connecting with a company.

Webinar: Advocacy for Accessibility

This free webinar complements the toolkit and shares information on how to advocate for accessibility in your daily life and what to expect when advocating. The webinar also contains demos of how to obtain information and describe issues to companies.

Advocacy for Accessibility Transcript 

Track: Inaccessibility Tracker Form

We are very interested in learning about the accessibility issues you are facing in your daily life. Please take a few minutes to complete our Inaccessibility Tracker Form and tell us about the latest inaccessibility issues you have faced. If you have attempted to advocate with the developer, please share that experience as well.

More Information

For more information about digital accessibility advocacy or to inquire about potential partnership opportunities, please call us at 410-659-9314, option 5 or email us at [email protected]