Safety & Support: Upcoming Events

The following are events of the safety and support initiatives. The events include reoccurring meetings with the Survivor Task Force branches, public speaking engagement events, upcoming publications, and more. If you are unable to submit forms, please feel free to call our extension at 2238 or email us at [email protected] and we can get you the information for the upcoming meetings. If you are interested in requesting the Survivor Task Force speak at an upcoming affiliate, division, committee, or group meeting, please submit the Safety & Support Online Speaking Engagement Request Form.

Monthly Branch Meetings

  • Saturday, May 8: Communications and Engagements meeting 4 p.m. Eastern
  • Sunday, May 9: Training and Culture meeting 3 p.m. eastern
  • Tuesday, May 11: Procedures and Oversight Meeting 8 p.m. eastern
  • Wednesday, May 12: Climate Assessment Survey closes
  • Saturday, May 22: Communications and Engagements Meeting 4 p.m. Eastern
  • Sunday, May 23: Training and Culture meeting 3 p.m. Eastern
  • Sunday, May 23: Encore Open Call to Collect Feedback on the Code of Conduct 8pm eastern
  • Tuesday, May 25: Procedures and Oversight meeting 8 p.m. Eastern

Training and Culture Meetings

Communications and Engagement Meetings

Procedures and Oversight Meetings

  • Overview: open call for members and non-members, survivors/allies alike. These calls will be for information sharing, feedback capturing, and figuring out how people in the community can get involved in regards to procedures and oversight.
    • Please note: the July 6 Procedures and Oversight meeting is canceled.
  • Registration: