National Convention

The National Federation of the Blind National Convention is the largest gathering of blind people in the world. It is the premier event for training, support, and information for the blind community. Although the convention is open to all, our constitution states that only members of the NFB have the right to participate in decision making when it comes to organizational policy. If you are not already a member, join the NFB today.

The National Convention offers hundreds of sessions, dynamic presentations, and countless opportunities. Review each of the following sections for all the details on what to expect.

Members gather for opening session

2025 National Convention

New Orleans

Tuesday, July 8 – Sunday, July 13, 2025

New Orleans Marriott

An audience of blind people clapping

Future Conventions

2026 - Austin
Friday, July 3 – Wednesday, July 8, 2026

2027 - Austin
Friday, July 2 – Wednesday, July 7, 2027

2028 - Chicago
Monday, July 3 – Saturday, July 8, 2028

2029 - Chicago
Monday, July 2 – Saturday, July 7, 2029

Activities and Details