The National Federation of the Blind offers many programs and resources to help children and adults learn and have fun with Braille.

A girl with a white cane sits at a table and reads from a Braille book.Braille is a code that enables us to read with our fingertips using a system of six raised dots. It was created in 1821 by a French boy named Louis Braille when he was just eleven years old. Today, Braille is used all over the world in many languages.

Simply put, Braille is vital to literacy for the blind. Compared to listening to audio versions of books or other materials, reading and writing with Braille teaches grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 

Each year we work to get Braille into the hands of more blind people. January 4 marks World Braille Day in celebration of its creator, Louis Braille. We look forward to celebrating with you.

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