Strong, committed, and passionate leadership has guided the National Federation of the Blind since 1940.

NFB President Mark A. Riccobono raises hands with Immediate Past President Marc Maurer at the 2014 National Convention.Our national President and board of directors are democratically elected by our members and are given many important responsibilities, as outlined in our constitution. Because the President and the board of directors are democratically elected by members, it is ultimately the members who determine the direction our organization takes.

The continuous election of highly capable, committed leaders is possible because the NFB places a very high value on leadership development and cultivating leadership from within our membership. At the local, state, and national levels, every person, regardless of ability, is invited to participate. During our national convention, for example, we find many emerging leaders exploring opportunities to challenge themselves and expand their skills. The current President also appoints dozens of committees where mentoring and collaboration are encouraged. 

Additionally, on the state and local level, many strong elected leaders can be found within each of our state affiliates.

For more information about the NFB's leadership structure, we invite you to read our constitution and Building the Lives We Want, a comprehensive ebook that was published as part of our seventy-fifth anniversary.